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Course Descriptions

As of 5/24/2018 5:35:00 AM

Finance for Lawyers

This is an introductory finance course with no previous experience in finance or mathematics background required. This course has no prerequisites. The objective is to introduce students to many broadly pertinent principal financial concepts, including financial leverage, efficient market hypothesis, risk management, forward markets, the time value of money, and the weighted average cost of capital. The course will cover the life cycle of businesses: assessing their financial health; forecasting and maintaining their growth; financing operations; and evaluating new opportunities. We will interpret financial statements, including cash flow statements, and evaluate financial performance using levers, such as, return on equity and liquidity ratios, and apply them to current events and happenings in the market. We will analyze investment risks using the sensitivity, scenario and simulation techniques and apply them to businesses that have succeeded and failed. We will discuss business valuations, venture opportunities and corporate restructuring oftentimes referring to applicable legal documents that define these transactions. The course will not focus on law or legal cases, although there may be occasional applications in the legal arena.