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Course Descriptions

As of 5/28/2020 4:57:37 AM

IP Law: Future of Publishing

IP Law and Policy: the Future of Publishing We will look at the future of book and periodical publishing through the lenses of copyright and antitrust law, economics, policy, and technology. Digital technology changes the publishing industries and the ways in which IP law affects those industries. We will look at these changes and at how different policy regimes affect publishing and the uses of published works. The topics we plan to cover include: *The economic theory underlying copyright and how digital technology changes the economics of copyright; *The ways that ebooks differ from paper books, both legally and in the marketplace; *The struggle for control of the ebook market among legacy book publishers,, and Apple; *21st century public and academic libraries; *Scholarly publishing; *Open access publishing; *Mass digitization and orphan works; and *Evaluation of policy responses to technical change. Students will be required to write weekly short reaction papers and three or four longer-but-still short papers over the course of the semester.