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Winter 2014 Class Descriptions

As of 6/22/2018 5:49:25 AM

Transactional Lab

The Transactional Lab presents students with the opportunity to gain "real-world" experience working on transactional projects with major companies. Transactional Lab clients will consist of a variety of leading companies across industry sectors, and there will be opportunities for students to develop additional Lab-client relationships (and, in so doing, their client-development skills). The Transactional Lab includes a classroom component that involves readings, lectures, and discussions on the skills and knowledge that contribute to successful practice as a junior transactional attorney (e.g., client counseling, client development, communication, contract analysis and drafting, and project management). Outside of the classroom, students will spend a substantial amount of time working in small teams on projects that involve analyzing and drafting complex agreements and related documents. Students will work under faculty supervision and meet with faculty on a weekly basis. In addition, students will have the opportunity to interact directly and regularly with clients (i.e., in-house corporate counsel) in connection with project work. The Transactional Lab will be made available for 4 credits (with potential exceptions in special circumstances), all of which will be graded. Each student's grade will be based on several factors, including active engagement in the classroom, quality of work product, professional and diligent communication (including with faculty and clients), attention to client service, and successful collaboration in teams. The Transactional Lab does not meet the New York Pro-Bono requirement.

The Transactional Lab fulfills the Law School's professional responsibility requirement for graduation, but does not fulfill the New York State Bar ethics requirement unless students also simultaneously enroll in Law 402 Ethics Colloquium section 002.

4.00 hours