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Fall 2013 Class Descriptions

As of 6/24/2018 5:52:32 AM

Financial Reform

This student-focused research seminar will provide students with the

opportunity to conduct research on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform

and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, which enacted sweeping reforms to

financial regulation. Topics include regulation and supervision of

systemically important financial institutions and markets, resolution

of failing firms, derivatives regulation, the shadow banking system,

consumer and investor protection, and other matters. Students will

also be exposed to real-world issues in legislative drafting, the

legislative process, bureaucratic "turf" battles, and rule-making and

implementation. Students will be expected to be active participants in

class and to write a series of short papers on selected topics during

the term or, with the permission of the instructor, to write a longer

research paper due at the end of the term. Students are strongly

encouraged, but not required, to take Financial Regulation concurrently, or to have taken Financial Regulation in a prior semester.

2.00 hours