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Winter 2013 Class Descriptions

As of 6/20/2018 5:27:10 AM

Strategic Drafting

As with writing in any other context, drafting contracts with deftness and effectiveness requires an appreciation for the objectives to be achieved and the audiences to be reached. This class will explore the "real-world" situations in which a lawyer (in particular, a junior associate) may be called upon to draft and revise agreements and related documents. These situations may be informed by a variety of factors, such as the leverage and posture of the parties, the nature of the relationships at stake, and the allotted resources (e.g., time, money) for drafting and negotiating. Through this course, the student will develop the ability to draft contracts effectively, which (more than crafting an unambiguous sentence) involves strategically and optimally accomplishing the lawyer's (and her client's) objectives. The student's grade will be based on in-class participation and a final exercise.

3.00 hours