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Winter 2012 Class Descriptions

As of 6/20/2018 5:27:10 AM

Immigration and Nationality

Immigration has surged upward on the national public policy agenda, even as a profound ambivalence surrounds the country's immigration law and policy. Dissatisfaction with the government's administration of the immigration laws, shared by those favoring more restrictive policies as well as those favoring more welcoming policies, has led to massive changes in the governmental structure for regulating immigration. Many of the immigration policy changes undertaken in the wake of the terrorist attacks on this country have provoked strong judicial and public reaction. A period of intensive national questioning is in progress over whether the nation should maintain or improve upon traditions of relative openness, or whether ineffective immigration policies and practices have compromised the nation's security or other interests.

With these sorts of issues in mind, this course will explore the sources and scope of the federal immigration power; the framework for lawful admission into the country; problems of controlling unauthorized migration; principles and process for enforcing removal for immigration violations; the role of immigration in national security strategies; and the protection of refugees, persons at risk of torture, and others in need of international protection.

3.00 hours