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Fall 2011 Class Descriptions

As of 6/21/2018 5:52:55 AM

Fund of Appellate Practice

Fundamentals of Appellate Advocacy

This class will focus intensively on improving students' skills as written and oral advocates. Most of the course readings address these topics directly, although some of the readings are not specifically legal. The practice/simulation course will include three rounds of briefing and oral argument, without any single case being briefed or argued by more than one group of students. Over the course of the practice/simulation course, each student will argue two cases (with Judge Kethledge presiding) and write two briefs of 15-20 pages in length and one bench memo of seven pages or less. Each student will receive detailed criticism regarding their written and oral advocacy. The practice/simulation course will also touch on "the judicial perspective" and different judicial approaches to legal decision-making.

3.00 hours