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Winter 2011 Class Descriptions

As of 6/17/2018 5:49:02 AM

Patent Litigation

This practice/simulation course is designed for students who intend to become patent practitioners. The content will provide practice in applying the concepts covered in the basic Patent Law course to hypothetical patent disputes. Reading assignments will address some of the key steps in pre-trial and trial procedure in the specific context of patent litigation. Assigned problems will provide the opportunity to informally role-play as counsel for the patent owner or the accused infringer. Students will analyze patent invalidity and infringement issues, counsel their client on design-around and litigation strategies, and draft Markman (claim construction) pleadings and legal opinions. In lieu of a final exam, the grade will be based upon these writing assignments and class participation.

Attention will also be given to relevant aspects of client relations, professional responsibility and alternative dispute resolution processes. This integrated approach will be useful even for those patent practitioners who do not themselves become litigators.

2.00 hours