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Winter 2011 Class Descriptions

As of 6/24/2018 5:52:32 AM

International Law Workshop

International Law Workshop: Is International Law Coherent?

This seminar is a workshop in international law and international legal theory. It examines the problem of coherence: To what extent is international law coherent or incoherent, either internally (as among different international legal regimes) or externally (in its interactions with international politics or other disciplines)? We will use human rights law and humanitarian law as two lenses through which to examine these questions. For most class sessions, scholars of international law from Michigan and other institutions will come to discuss their scholarship on that topic. Members of the workshop will read the scholarship, prepare short papers engaging it, and then discuss it with the visitors. Members of the workshop will also read other scholarship in international law or international legal theory, as chosen by the organizers, to help prepare for and think about the problem of coherence.

2.00 hours