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Fall 2010 Class Descriptions

As of 5/21/2018 5:29:55 AM

Eur Leg Syst in Comp w/ US

European Legal Systems in Comparison with the United States

The course introduces students to the civil law systems and cultures

of Europe, using primarily France and Germany as examples. It focuses

not so much on substantive law but on the law machinery, i.e., legal

actors (and their training), institutions (especially courts),

procedures (especially civil procedure), and the constitutional

framework, including the impact of European law. We will discuss the

vices and virtues of such salient features as tuition-free legal

training on an undergraduate level, a highly regulated bar, a strictly

merit-based career judiciary, and civil procedure without juries,

discovery, contingency fees or punitive damages - all in constant

comparison with common law approaches and especially the US legal

system. The course will introduce students to the way European lawyers

think and thus enable them better to communicate with colleagues on

the other side of the Atlantic. All materials will be in English.

2.00 hours