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Color Printing

There is a color printer available for law student use in the Law Library on Sub-1 behind the reference desk.‚Äč  Please note that it is a shared machine, also available to people not affiliated with the Law School for making copies or printing with a paid library copy card. 

Law students can download a printer installation program that will install this printer on their laptops.    


  • Each color page printed on this printer counts as 2pgs against your Law School printing quota
  • We do not suspend charging to this printer during study days and exams 
  • This printer prints single-sided by default
  • Law students do not need to use the card reader to print on this printer
  • See our charge for print policyfor more information

Law-Lib-Sub1-Color-Xerox7835 Law Library Sub-1

Color Printer Installation Program
Compatible with Windows 8.1 & 10, macOS 10.12 - 11.

Apple Icon   Mac

Windows Icon   Windows


Computer support specialists are available to assist you with the printer installation process.  Contact us!

Once the printers are installed, you

  • WILL be able to print from your laptop anywhere in the Law School if you are connected to MWireless, eduroam, or plugged into an Ethernet port

  • WILL NOT be able to print to the Law School printers if you connect to the MGuest network or any other network OUTSIDE of the university