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Electronic Bluebook will not be used for the Fall 2020 semester.

macOS 10.15 Catalina is now compatible with the latest version of EBB.   

Recommendations for Using EBB

Be Certain that Your Laptop is Functioning Well
To safely participate in laptop exams, it is critical that your computer be functioning well and virus free.

  • If you are aware of any problems (hardware- and/or software-related), have them fixed before the start of exams.
  • Make sure that your Windows or macOS updates are all current, and that your virus protection software is up to date. Do not wait until exam day to update your computer or antivirus software, as your computer may not be finished updating when the exam starts.
  • We recommend that no active tasks be performed (like running a full disk check for viruses) while taking the exam. If you have any virus protection software that uses a lot of memory, or which caused problems in the past, you should also do a test run with EBB, leaving the program running in the background to see if it causes any problems.
  • Follow the EBB installation instructions and test EBB to ensure it works on your computer.
Restart Your Laptop
You should restart your laptop on exam day, particularly if you have not restarted or powered it off in several days.  Like most programs, EBB can run sluggishly if your computer has been on for a long period of time without a restart.

Power Settings
It is recommended that you avoid allowing your laptop to enter "suspend" or "hibernation" mode during any period of inactivity while you are using EBB.

Close Other Applications
Although it is not likely that leaving other applications open while working in BLOCKED EBB will cause problems, we recommend that students close other applications before working in BLOCKED EBB, just to be safe.

Memory Overload Performance Issues
Have your notes and outlines available in printed format and/or on a flash drive in case of memory overload or other computer problems during the exam.

File Sharing Programs
If you use file sharing programs turn them off for the duration of the exam. File sharing programs such as BitTorrent may conflict with EBB during an exam, causing your computer to freeze or crash.

Undo and Redo Functions
Use these functions to restore any part of your work that you accidentally delete. The Undo and Redo functions will restore up to 20 prior actions or keystrokes.

Copying and Pasting into or FROM EBB is Prohibited
There is no copy feature in EBB, and you cannot copy text into or from EBB. If you type your exam in MS Word and try to copy the text into EBB, you will be prevented from doing so. You must type your entire exam directly in EBB and use the formatting features provided in that software program.

If you use the macOS Notifications feature, you may want to either turn it off or schedule a "Do Not Disturb" time frame so that you will not receive any notifications during your exam.  You can do this by going to System Preferences | Notifications.

Additional Input Languages/SOURCES - MAC

If you have more than one keyboard input source on your computer, you may have a shortcut to change between them enabled by default.  This shortcut when activated in a BLOCKED exam can cause problems with EBB, and prevent you from typing.  We recommend you either remove any additional input sources other than U.S. or disable the shortcut (Space+Control).  You can do this by going to System Preferences | Keyboard | Input Sources.