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Recommendations for Using EBB

Be Certain that Your Laptop is Functioning Well
To safely participate in laptop exams, it is critical that your computer be functioning well and virus free. If you are aware of any problems (hardware- and/or software-related), have them fixed before the start of exams. Make sure that your Windows Updates are all current and that your virus protection software is up to date.

Power Settings
It is critical that your laptop not go into "suspend" or "hibernation" mode during any period of inactivity while you are using EBB. Disabling your power settings will decrease the likelihood of EBB crashing your computer during an exam. You are strongly encouraged to set up a laptop exam power settings profile before your first exam. Remember to select this profile before starting your exam.

Screen saver and Hibernation
These laptop functions are known to have caused EBB problems in past exams. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you disable them for the duration of the laptop exam.

Virtual Scrolling
Virtual scrolling has been found to cause EBB to crash. Disable virtual scrolling (if it is installed and enabled on your laptop). This setting only applies to Windows laptops with Synaptics pointing device drivers installed.


Close Other Applications
Although it is not likely that leaving other applications open while working in BLOCKED EBB will cause problems, we recommend that students close other applications before working in BLOCKED EBB just to be safe.

Memory Overload Performance Issues
Some students have experienced memory overload performance issues while using the UNBLOCKED version of EBB with several other documents open simultaneously. If you notice any difference in EBB's performance while using the UNBLOCKED version of EBB, we suggest you start closing some of the other documents you have opened. This should free up memory and allow you to continue using your laptop to finish your test.

Have your notes and outlines available in printed format and/or on flash drive in case of memory overload or other computer problems during the exam.

Virus Protection software
We recommend that no active tasks be performed (like performing a full disk check for viruses) while taking the exam. If you have any virus protection software that eats up a lot of memory or which has caused problems in the past, you should also do a test run on EBB leaving the program running in the background to see if it causes any problems.

File Sharing and Instant Messaging Programs
If you use file sharing programs and/or instant messaging programs, turn them off for duration of the exam.
File sharing programs such as BitTorrent and instant messaging (IM) programs such as AIM (AOL), ICQ, Trillian etc. may conflict with EBB during an exam and cause your computer to freeze or crash.

Saving to flash drive
If you are running Windows, your EBB exam is automatically backed up to your flash drive every 15 minutes and each of those backup files is saved with a prefix of TS - xxx. There will be several TS files saved on your flash drive in a folder named "Backup". On Macs, these files are located on your hard drive. They are extra backups but they are NOT your final exam. Make sure you upload to the Submit Exams site the file that begins with "E" plus your exam's ID number ( e.g. E12345--Apr-25 11-52-22.enc). Please do not upload any files that start with TS.

Undo and Redo functions
Use these functions to restore any part of your work that you accidentally delete. The Undo and Redo functions will restore up to 10 prior actions or keystrokes.

Copy and Paste into or out of EBB Prohibited
There is no copy feature in EBB and you cannot copy text into or out of EBB. If you type your exam in MS Word and try to copy the text into EBB, you will be prevented from doing so. In fact, you could end up deleting your entire exam if you try to copy into, or out of, EBB. You must type your entire exam directly into EBB and use the formatting features provided in that software program.

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