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Electronic Bluebook will not be used for the Fall 2020 semester.

EBB Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Bluebook (EBB)?
Electronic Bluebook (EBB) is a secure test-taking program created by CompuTest that is downloaded onto a laptop computer configured for English language and regional settings and then used for typing in-class exams. Running EBB in BLOCKED mode essentially turns students’ laptops into simple word processors while the program is running.

Can my laptop handle EBB?
Minimum specifications to safely use EBB should include:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10 or macOS 10.12.x - 10.15.x configured for English-United States language and region
  • At least 2 GB of RAM (memory)
  • Wireless network card recommended (to save your exam(s) to the network)
  • A minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Does EBB work with MacOS CATALINA? 
Yes.  The latest version of EBB is compatible with macOS 10.12.x - 10.15.x.  

Will EBB work with non-English operating systems?
As long as a non-English language operating system (OS) can run using the English language.

Students with non-English language operating systems MUST take a test exam using EBB and prove to us that they have successfully passed the EBB test. We MUST see the printed test file.

What operating systems work well with EBB?

  • English-language Windows 8.1, 10 
  • macOS 10.12.x - 10.15.x (Sierra - Catalina)

What are the known EBB incompatibilities or conflicts?

  • Suspend/Hibernation
  • File Sharing Programs (e.g. Morpheus, uTorrent)
  • Instant Messaging Programs (e.g. AIM (AOL), ICQ)
  • Avira, Avast!, and Trend Antivirus suites (Windows only.  You must add an exception to the Electronic Bluebook Program Files directory.  Please see a Law School Information Technology staff member for assistance.  Note, there may be other third-party security suites that could interfere with EBB).

Must I BE CONNECTED TO WIRELESS to take laptop exams?
No. You are not required to be connected to the wireless network, but it is necessary if you want to save your exam to the Law School network. If you do not have wireless turned on, the exam will be saved to your hard drive but not to the network. If you cannot upload your exam to the network, a Law School Information Technology staff member can upload it for you at the end of the exam.

Does the Law School loan out laptops for exams?
The Law School ordinarily does not provide laptop computers. Students are responsible for providing their own equipment. If necessary, you can either borrow a laptop from a friend or hand write your exam in a bluebook.

Warning: If you borrow a laptop to take EBB exams, please see a Law School Information Technology staff member to move all exams taken on that laptop to the network before returning the laptop to its owner.

Is there a fee to use the EBB software?
No. Currently the EBB software is provided free of charge to Michigan Law students.

Will EBB work if my firewall is on?

Can I type my exam in MS Word and then copy it into EBB?
No. There is no "copy and paste" feature in EBB. You must type your entire exam directly into EBB and use the formatting features provided in that software program.

EBB does not Open the Submitexams page in Windows 10
When you click the 'OK' button on the green screen after finishing your exam, a browser is supposed to open and direct you to the submitexams page.  If this does not happen, your default browser may be set to Microsoft Edge. The fix is to change your default browser to anything else (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Please see this document for instructions on how to do this.