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Helpful Resources

Help Finding Alternative Legal Representation in Your UI Case 
(UI referral list): 
Occasionally the Unemployment Insurance Clinic temporarily closes intake and is not able to accept new clients. For those circumstances, we have provided a list of possible sources of help for your UI claim.

I Need to Apply for UI Benefits (online toolkit): Michigan Legal Help​'s free self-help guide to applying for UI benefits in Michigan.

Unemployment Benefits in Michigan: A Handbook for Unemployed Workers: The UI Agency provides a very thorough handbook for claimants detailing eligibility requirements, rights, and responsibilities. You can download a copy of the July 2016 handbook here.

Know Your Rights—Michigan Unemployment Insurance Benefits (brochure): A two-page brochure that covers topics such as: (a) Eligibility Requirements, (b) What Can Disqualify You from Receiving Benefits, (c) Protest and Appeal Rights, and (d) Overpayments, Restitution, and Fraud. You can download a copy of the brochure here.

What to Do If You Are Wrongly Accused of UI Fraud (brochure): Starting in October 2013 the Unemployment Insurance Agency switched to a new computer system called MiDAS.  This resulted in thousands of innocent claimants being accused of fraud. This two page brochure gives suggestions for those innocent claimants that are wrongly accused.

Making Your Best Case: The Ins and Outs of Michigan's Unemployment Insurance System: Prepared by the Sugar Law Center, this 28-page guide is designed to assist workers in representing themselves during the unemployment insurance claims process. You can download a copy of the guide here.

UIA Protest or Appeal Form: If you disagree with an Unemployment Insurance Agency determination, you have the right to protest or appeal. You must file your protest/appeal within 30 days of when the determination or decision is issued. You can download a copy of the protest/appeal form here.

Waiver of Restitution Application Form: If you are overpaid benefits, the UI Agency provides for waiver of restitution (repayment) due to financial hardship. In order to request a waiver you must complete an Affidavit of Financial Condition form (UIA 1795). Be sure to completely fill out the waiver form and have it notarized. You can download a copy of the waiver form here. The grassroots online campaign and website created to serve, engage, and inform jobless workers. When the economy tanks and unemployment spikes, jobless workers shouldn't have to bear the burden on their own. Unfortunately, some in Congress don't understand how important extending benefits is to the whole economy. They collect stories from the unemployed, facts about the economy, and present them to opinion makers inside and outside of Washington, D.C.​​​​

Institute of Continuing Legal Education online book: Provides up to date expert guidance for handling Unemployment Insurance cases in Michigan.

50 State Report: Lessons from a Pandemic: The Need for Statutory Reform of Michigan's Unemployment System.