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"All of a sudden, someone was depending on me to make his or her life better...[it] changed my perspective of how the law can be used to help people who do not always have the power to help themselves."

–Amanda Dallo, '07

Provider Resources

The Pediatric Advocacy Clinic (PAC) accepts cases involving children and youth or their immediate families and caretakers referred to us by physicians and social workers at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, Ypsilanti Health Center, Corner Health Center, and Washtenaw County Maternal Infant Health Program. Please note that we have limited resources and are not able to take every case that is referred to us. Often we are able to refer the cases we can't accept to other free legal service providers.

How to Refer a Patient to PAI

Staff at our medical partner sites may refer a patient for legal assessment in one of two ways:

Call PAC at 734.763-1942.


Email PAC with the client's contact information at

Note: If PAC does not contact you within 24 hours, please call 734.763-1942 to confirm receipt of the referral.

Curbside Consults

PAC can provide general legal information directly to health care providers on questions relating to families' basic needs, such as housing, public benefits, family, special education, and immigration.

This advice is for general information only, and should not be considered individualized legal advice. If specific legal advice is needed, please refer the family directly to PAC.

PAC is not available to provide advice or information relating to medical malpractice, Child Protective Services (CPS), or other legal issues having to do with patient care. For such issues, please contact the legal counsel for your health center or hospital.

Training and Workshops

PAC is available to conduct trainings for physicians, patient-families, and community organizations on such topics as public benefits, housing, special education, disability rights, employment, family law, domestic violence, and immigration.

These presentations provide an overview of essential legal topics as well as an opportunity to develop advocacy skills, such as asking screening questions or writing a letter to a government agency or landlord on a patient's behalf.

Please contact us at 734.763-1942 to schedule a workshop.

Screening Questions

Here are examples of six screening questions that have proven effective in identifying barriers when taking a patient's social history:

1. How are you making ends meet?

2. Do you have enough food to eat?

3. Are you worried about safety for you or your child?

4. Where are you living?

5. How is the environment in your home?

6. How is your child doing in school?

Medical Provider FAQ Navigating Medicaid for Pediatric Patients

This guide answers common questions related to Medicaid-eligible pediatric patients’ right to care and provides advocacy strategies to ensure continuous appropriate coverage for services, prescriptions, transportation, durable medical equipment, and other medically necessary care for pediatric patients. Download.

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