"I easily can imagine a 10-year reunion of the inaugural class of ITC graduates, where we learn that the ITC experience helped to advance their international legal careers in business, government, international organizations, and the not-for-profit sector. We say we launched a new clinic, but we also launched a new community."

—Professor Deborah Burand, Founding Director of the ITC

International Transactions Clinic Faculty


Prof. Deb Burand Professor Deborah Burand is the Director of the Law School's International Transactions Clinic that she cofounded in 2008.
Prof. Mary Rose Brusewitz

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor Mary Rose Brusewitz is a partner with Strasburger & Price, LLP in New York, NY.

Prof. Donald Crane Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor Donald Crane is a lawyer in Washington, D.C.
Prof. Timothy Dickinson Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor Timothy L. Dickinson, '79, is a Business Law Faculty Fellow at Michigan Law, and a partner with Paul Hastings LLP in Washington, DC.
Prof. David Guenther Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor David B. Guenther, '99, is a partner with Conlin, McKenney & Philbrick, P.C. in Ann Arbor, MI.
Prof. David Koch Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor David Koch, '84, is a partner with Plave Koch PLC in Reston, VA.
David Shaub

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor David Shaub, '60, is a partner with Shaub & Williams LLP in Los Angeles, CA.

 Prof. Carl Valenstein  

Adjunct Clinical Legal Professor Carl Valenstein, '83, is a partner with Bingham McCutchen LLP in Washington, D.C.




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