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Accepted Cases

Dawan was convicted of second-degree murder in Detroit in 2007, for a murder that occurred in 2005. Dawan insisted that he was not at the scene of the crime, and was not one of the two men who fired the shots. The only evidence of any sort against Dawan was one eyewitness, and even he admitted that he "coulda been wrong" in thinking Dawan was one of the shooters. Nevertheless, the jury found Dawan guilty of second-degree murder.

Shortly after Dawan's conviction, information emerged that the real perpetrator of the crime had confessed his involvement in the murder in phone conversations with his mother. Another witness also came forward and attested to being on the crime scene shortly before the murder. This witness saw all of the people involved in the shooting, but was certain that Dawan was not among them.

Based on this new evidence, the Clinic filed a motion for relief from judgment, and a hearing was held in early 2012. In April 2012, Judge Vonda Evans of the Wayne County Circuit Court granted Dawan a new trial. The prosecution has appealed the ruling, and Dawan remains in prison while the appeal is pending before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Michigan Law: Innocence Clinic earns wrongly convicted man a third new trial

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