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Accepted Cases

Kendrick was convicted in 1999 of first-degree murder in the death of Lisa Kindred. The victim was shot and killed as she waited in her van on a secluded Detroit street late one evening with her children. Her husband had driven her to the scene, and told her to wait in the car while he went into one of the houses. Kendrick was convicted for the murder, along with Justly Johnson, on the testimony of two witnesses. Both witnesses were highly intoxicated, gave very vague and contradictory testimony, and admitted to being pressured by police. And both witnesses later recanted their testimony.

In addition to there now being absolutely no evidence implicating Kendrick, there is plenty of evidence implicating the victim's husband. He drove her to the scene and made her wait in the car, and it was later learned that he had a long history of domestic violence and repeatedly threatened to kill Lisa. Upon further investigating the case, the Clinic also found that one of the victim's children, who was in the car at the time of the shooting, saw the shooter, but was never questioned by police. Clinic students found this new witness, who admitted that he saw everything and has a good memory of the shooter’s face. He gives a description that does not match either Justly or Kendrick, and he did not pick either of them out of a photo array. The Clinic is now preparing to file a motion for relief from judgment on Kendrick’s behalf.

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