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Accepted Cases

Temujin was convicted for a murder that occurred in Port Huron, MI, in 1986. The star witness against Temujin was a man who claimed he could identify Temujin, whom he did not know, as the man who was driving away from the crime scene. The eyewitness's testimony was tainted by the fact that he was hypnotized before he testified. He also claimed to recall the license plate number of the killer's car, but that number was traced to a completely different kind of car.

The biggest problem with Temujin's conviction is that several witnesses with no reason to lie confirmed that he was in Escanaba, more than 400 miles away from Port Huron, on the day of the murder. After this alibi testimony was presented, the prosecution came up with a brand new theory: Perhaps Temujin chartered a plane to fly him from Escanaba to Port Huron and back to Escanaba the day of the murder. Unfortunately for the prosecution's theory, FAA records show that no such flights occurred that day.

Temujin's writ of habeas corpus in federal district court was granted by Judge Denise Page Hood on October 14, 2010. The state of Michigan appealed the decision, and arguments were held in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (Cincinnati, OH) in March 2012. That Court's decision should emerge in the coming months.

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