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Accepted Cases

Convicted in 2002 for manslaughter, Mark completed his sentence and was released from prison in November 2009. He has always maintained his innocence, and the Clinic discovered evidence proving that he was locked inside a Sam's Club store on an overnight shift, 30 miles away from the crime scene, and simply could not have been involved in the crime.

The Clinic represented Mark in an evidentiary hearing before Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Vera Massey Jones on June 30, 2010; the hearing continued on July 14. After the hearing, the judge denied Mark's motion for relief from judgment. Mark's appeal is now pending in the Michigan Supreme Court.

Mark's case is a prime example of the uphill battle the wrongfully convicted face, even other than prison itself. Even after completing his prison sentence, Mark is officially classified as a convicted felon forever, unless he is able to convince a court of his innocence. He has had trouble finding gainful employment and still has to deal with the psychological pressure of being convicted of a crime he did not commit.



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