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Accepted Cases

Convicted of arson in 2009, Victor is serving nine to 40 years in prison. A fire destroyed the home he was living in, and the prosecutor argued that Victor had intentionally started the blaze. There was no direct evidence against Victor, but the prosecution presented the testimony of arson experts, who said that they could tell that the fire was arson, and Victor was the only possible suspect. Victor's attorney failed to properly contest the qualifications of the prosecution's experts, or the content of their testimony.

The Michigan Innocence Clinic investigated Victor's case in 2011, and accepted it when it became clear that he was convicted on the basis of junk science. As independent experts retained by the Clinic have attested, there is no real evidence of arson, and every indication is that the fire was an accidental chimney fire, rooted in an improperly installed wood stove. The Clinic filed a motion for relief from judgment on Victor's behalf in April 2012.

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