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Accepted Cases

Terry's case is one of two Clinic cases centered on debunking the myths perpetrated by prosecutors regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome. Terry was convicted of child abuse stemming from injuries sustained by an infant he was babysitting. Terry stated that the child fell from the couch where he had been playing, but the prosecution argued that the injuries sustained were consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome, a form of child abuse involving violent shaking of an infant, leading to severe head injuries.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a real phenomenon, but it has been wrongly diagnosed in countless cases across the country, leading to prosecutions of many innocent people, such as Terry. For years medical experts claimed that certain signs and symptoms in an injured infant always and invariably correlated with Shaken Baby Syndrome, but this theory has been disproved in recent years, given that those injuries can be sustained in other ways, such as falls from couches.

Terry was released on parole in 2009, and he maintains his innocence. The Clinic continues to represent him in his quest to clear his name, and to change the legal perception of diagnoses of Shaken Baby Syndrome in Michigan.



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