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Battle Creek Enquirer, December 21, 2011: "Witness in Swain case: No abuse occurred" by Trace Christenson

Detroit Free Press, December 16, 2011: "Detroit lost two files in murder case, lawyer says" by David Ashenfelter

Grand Rapids Press, December 4, 2011: "Why Michigan's indigent defense system must be reformed" (editorial)

Battle Creek Enquirer, October 27, 2011: "Lorinda Swain wins a ruling on her freedom in sex assault case" by Trace Christenson

Detroit News, October 6, 2011: "Child support flaws target of Michigan high court inquiry" by Karen Bouffard

Detroit Free Press, September 2, 2011: "Eyewitness testimony gets long-needed questioning" (guest commentary) by Prof. David Moran and Irman Syed

Detroit Free Press, July 2, 2011: "Prisoner wins right to appeal conviction for 1986 Detroit rape" by David Ashenfelter

Michigan Radio, "What's Working" series, June 14, 2011: "Michigan Innocence Clinic works to free those wrongfully convicted" by Christina Shockley and Zoe Clark

Battle Creek Enquirer, May 23, 2011: "Hearing delayed in Lorinda Swain sex assault case" by Trace Christenson

WXMI Fox 17, May 17, 2011: "Lorinda Swain remains free for now, further hearing granted"

Battle Creek Enquirer, May 16, 2011: "Lorinda Swain still free as judge orders new hearing" by Trace Christenson

Battle Creek Enquirer, May 15, 2011: "Michigan Innocence Clinic to argue today for Lorinda Swain" by Trace Christenson

WXYZ-7 Action News, May 6, 2011: "Freedom hangs in the balance for a Michigan woman whose legal fight has been going on for 10 years"

Detroit Free Press, April 28, 2011: "Prosecutors must fess up" (editorial) by Jeff Gerritt

Detroit Free Press, April 18, 2011: "Innocence Project: Man needs new trial" by David Ashenfelter

WXYZ-7 Action News, February 13, 2011: "A son's lies send his mother to prison for eight years; she's set free, but may have to go back" (video)

Detroit Free Press, February 3, 2011: "U-M law clinic: Records prove convicted killer Mark Craighead is innocent after all" by David Ashenfelter

The New York Times Magazine, February 2, 2011: "Shaken Baby Syndrome Faces New Questions in Court" by Emily Bazelon

The Michigan Daily, January 20, 2011: "College law clinics oppose records requests" by Kaitlin Williams

Detroit Free Press, January 24, 2011: "Evidence, and justice, call for a new ruling" (editorial)

Metro Times, January 12, 2011: "When innocence is pink" by Sandra Svoboda

The Battle Creek Enquirer, January 6, 2011: "Lawyers, family wait for Thomas Cress' release" by Trace Christenson

The Battle Creek Enquirer, January 4, 2011: "Lorinda Swain remains free on bond" by Trace Christenson

Michigan Radio, December 21, 2010: "Governor won't commute sentence of man who may be innocent of murder" by Steve Carmody

Times Herald Op-Ed, October 20, 2010: "Legal system didn't uphold its integrity"

Grand Rapids Press, October 16, 2010: "Murder case warrants new trial" by Ed White/Associated Press

The Detroit News, October 16, 2010: "Woman acquitted in baby's death" by Christine Ferretti

Michigan Lawyers Weekly, September 23, 2010: "Michigan Supreme Court: Allow law students to argue at COA?" by Carol Lundberg

Michigan Lawyers Weekly, September 23, 2010: "Michigan Supreme Court considers one-year limit on relief from judgement motions" by Carol Lundberg

Detroit Free Press, September 23, 2010: "Time limit on evidence would deny justice for innocents" by Jeff Gerritt

Detroit Free Press, September 16, 2010: "Set 1-year limit for appeals of convictions? No" by David Moran

Battle Creek Enquirer, June 22, 2010: "Swain to remain free during appeals," by Trace Christenson

Detroit Free Press, April 18, 2010: "Could Tom Cress Really be Innocent?" by Joe Swickard

Battle Creek Enquirer, April 15, 2010: "Court hears sides in Swain case" by Trace Christenson

Metro Times, March 31, 2010: "Provience's providence"

Detroit Free Press, March 25, 2010: "Man freed last year won't face retrial in '00 drug killing," by David Ashenfelter and Joe Swickard

The Detroit News, March 25, 2010: "UM team frees convict, tackles another case," by Santiago Esparza

Metro Times, March 10, 2010: "Where's Kafka?"


November 17, 2009: Innocence Clinic wins release of Dwayne Provience, who spent almost 10 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Watch Michigan Law students and faculty desribe their work to free Mr. Provience.

 Detroit Free Press, October 9, 2009: "No help for the innocent," by Jeff Gerritt

The Detroit News, September 16, 2009: "UM Team: Wrong man jailed for 23 years," by Doug Guthrie and Santiago Esparza

Watch the Big Ten Network's short film about the Innocence Clinic's victory in the case of Deshawn and Marvin Reed, who were exonerated on July 31, 2009, after serving nine years in prison for assault with intent to kill. Innocence Clinic students handled the case from beginning to end.

Metro Times, July 31, 2009: "Home and Free," by Sandra Svoboda

Metro Times, June 25, 2009: "23 years after crime, questions about conviction," by Sandra Svoboda

Detroit Free Press editorial, March 26, 2009: "Preventive Medicine for Justice's Sake."

Detroit Free Press, March 23, 2009: "Freeman case another reason for Michigan innocence commission," by Jeff Gerritt


Detroit Free Press, August 24, 2008: "Reform Procedures So Innocents Aren't Convicted," by David Moran and Kenneth Wyniemko

Detriot Free Press, Aug 10, 2008: "Law students to work on freeing innocence inmates" by Joe Swickard

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