The Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School has provided no-cost legal services to dozens of student-led startups since its inception in January 2012. We represent University of Michigan student-led entrepreneurial ventures. Clients include U-M student-led businesses or individual student inventors. The Clinic also represents U-M alumni concerning technology invented as a student at U-M. Here are a few of the clients we have served recently. For more information, review our about us page.


TurtleCell was created over the past 18 months by two former University of Michigan engineering students. It is a smartphone case with retractable earbuds built right inside.

The Wedding Seed

The Wedding Seed is a web and mobile-based service that provides engaged couples with their wedding site and cash gift registry. Our objective is to help make the wedding experience easier for couples and their guests.

Focus Solutions

Focus Solutions is a wearable device and app system that records, recommends, and coaches users during their workouts. The device automatically identifies the type of exercise being done, such as pushups, crunches, or squats; records the workout details including sets, repetitions, and rest periods; and provides real-time audio or visual feedback using a smartphone.


Emblu is an energy efficiency-focused startup formed by a team of graduate students from the University of Michigan. To help buildings use less energy, Emblu creates real-time occupancy profiles and uses this information to optimize the use of energy-intensive services like lighting and heating.


Fetchnotes is a cloud-based sticky-note application designed to help corral and share the myriad to-do's, tasks, and shopping lists most people need to successfully organize their daily lives.