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Information for Prospective Students

Student Testimonials

In my last semester of my third year of law school, I took the Civil Mediation Clinic. The ICLE (Institute of Continuing Legal Education) mediation training was fantastic. As a result, I confronted my mediations with some measure of poise and competence. I observed or mediated about 10 small claims disputes, all of which taught me important lessons that enriched my clinic experience. Finally, and most important, I got to help some people. The Civil Mediation Clinic gave me the opportunity to put together all I had learned in law school and apply to it help real people with real problems. It was a perfect bookend to my Michigan Law School experience. —Jacob Barde, '15

Brandon Debus
The civil mediation clinic is a great opportunity help guide parties through the dispute resolution process. Both as a mediator and a future practitioner, these skills are paramount to client satisfaction. —Brandon Debus, 3L

The Civil Mediation Clinic has been the highlight of my time at Michigan Law. As a clinic student you participate in a 40-hour training through ICLE (Institute of Continuing Legal Education) during which time you learn valuable skills and techniques not only to be an effective mediator, but also a better advocate and creative problem-solver for your client. By the end of the semester you are able to co-mediate a wide variety of cases in Wayne County. It has been challenging, educational, and, above all, rewarding. —Gabrielle McKee, 3L

Marjorie MygrantsI knew coming into law school that mediation was something I was interested in pursuing. The Mediation Clinic offered the perfect opportunity to gain the practical experience and also the training necessary to become a mediator. The Civil Mediation Clinic has far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The training was excellent and taught me skills I will continue to use throughout my legal career. It also allowed us to learn from some of the most well-known and highly accomplished mediators in the state as well as network with practicing attorneys. Additionally, the ability to conduct real small-claims mediations allowed me to put my skills into practice and continue to develop and fine-tune those skills with every mediation I conducted. You truly learn something new in every mediation, and our professor, Nicole Appleberry, was always there to guide us and discuss the mediations and give advice and feedback, which was useful in continuing to develop our skills. —Marjorie Mygrants, 3L

Kevin PotterI was very fortunate to spend a semester in the Civil Mediation Clinic. I learned a lot about how communication can break down and how this can escalate to litigation. I also learned mediation techniques that can open up lines of communication and help the parties to avoid court. It was very educational and memorable to apply these techniques in real mediations. It was amazing how often people could resolve an old dispute after I helped them to really listen to each other. —Kevin Potter, '15

Silke WatsonThe Civil Mediation Clinic is a very hands-on clinic! The ICLE (Institute of Continuing Legal Education) Mediation Training is definitely worth the while, the training satisfies CLE credits, so the majority of trainees are practicing attorneys. It was an invaluable opportunity to interact and engage with practicing attorneys in the learning context. —Silke Watson, '15

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