Bergstrom Fellowship Networking Forum

Justice Bobbe J. Bridge of the Washington State Supreme Court, rightThe Henry A. Bergstrom Child Welfare Law Fellowship online network is a tool to get connected and stay connected to child advocate leaders around the country. If you participated in either the Kellogg or Bergstrom fellowships, you are eligible to join the network. Since the fellowship's inception in 1995, almost 250 law students, committed to children's issues with promising futures in child advocacy, have received the fellowship and its training. This online network forum was designed to facilitate communication among this group of distinguished lawyers and to further the interests of children.

Washtenaw County Probate Judge Nancy Francis, '73The network was developed because fellows expressed interest in such a tool. Past fellows wish they had a way to stay in touch with the people they met at the training and to reach out to other fellows to share or find information on jobs, conferences, and other child advocacy news. Fellows who are still in school or recently graduated are interested in a way to contact established professionals to aid them in making a successful transition into the child advocacy world.

Women react more quickly and more severely to drug abuse, and it often take a woman a decade to free herself of drug dependency As a participant, you will be able to do detailed searches for past fellows, learn about job opportunities, conferences and other child welfare news, share information, request information, and be in a position to help establish other child advocacy careers. But most importantly, you will be engaged in Behavioral pediatrician Mark Sloane outlines breakthroughs in neuroimaging allowing researchers "to look at brain functions"a conversation about the issues you care about—children.

Please help make this online networking forum a powerful instrument for advancing children's interests. Instructions on how to join are below to help you start connecting.

How to Join

  1. Go to and create a "Friend Account." If you are a University of Michigan alum and still have access to University Internet services, you do not have to create a friend account; just use your U-M username.
  2. Email stating you want access to the network. Please include your "Friend Account" or University of Michigan username.
  3. Your username will be added to the network.
  4. You will receive an email notifying you that you may now go to, login, and enter your information.
  5. You are then ready to start using the network tools.
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