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Business Basics for Lawyers

Lawyers are involved in virtually all aspects of business. Many lawyers have a transaction-based practice in which they work frequently with corporate clients. Others run private equity funds, start businesses, or serve on boards of directors. Public interest lawyers also frequently need a knowledge of business to provide their clients effective advice.

Michigan Law prides itself on its broad array of business-related courses. For the second year, the Zell Entrepreneurship and Law (ZEAL) Program will add to that curriculum by offering a short course on business basics for students who want to gain an introduction to business or are unsure if they want to take more business courses. The course, Business Basics for Lawyers, is designed for students who have little or no business experience. The course is a two-day, one-credit intensive program that meets Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 13–14, 2013, just before the winter term begins on Jan. 15.

"Considering last year's standing room-only demand among students, we've decided to offer this course again," said Erik Gordon, director of the ZEAL Program and a Professor from Practice. "Feedback from students was that the subject matter covered in the program helped them better understand the material in their other law school courses, ranging from antitrust and investor protection to corporate finance and media law."

The course will be taught at the Law School by experienced professors from U-M's Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Students will receive an introduction to the principles and terminology of four basic subject areas: accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. ​

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