Refugee Caselaw Site

The Refugee Caselaw Site is the world's leading site for access to and debate on the leading precedents on refugee law issued in more than 30 asylum countries. Overseen by James Hathaway, director of Michigan Law's Program in Refugee and Asylum Law, the Refugee Caselaw Site contains important legal decisions chosen by independent experts (typically a judge and an academic) from each country or jurisdiction, who select the decisions based on their assessment of the legal significance of the case, and/or its unique factual circumstances that highlight the application of the refugee definition. Cases within the site are indexed and searchable in multiple ways according to specific criteria, allowing users to get the desired results with minimal effort. In addition, users may sign up for a free membership, which enables them to save cases to their personal briefcase between visits as well as receive email alerts about cases they've researched.

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