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James Hathaway, the James E. and Sarah A. Degan Professor of Law and director of the Program in Refugee and Asylum Law, is one of the wo​rld's foremost experts on refugee law. He speaks and trains around the world, has drafted the refugee laws for​ several countries and the European Union, and has been cited in more than 1000 appellate court decisions around the world.

James C. Hathaway on the Refugee Convention: In an interview with the Ethics Centre, Prof. Hathaway discusses the real value of the Refugee Convention and seeks to dispel common misconceptions people have about what happens when someone arrives in a country seeking refugee status.

In the News

Press Release​: World's leading experts condemn UN refugee plan (July 27, 2016).

'The Vancouver Principles': Report of an Expert Workshop on Understanding Refugee Law as Shared Responsibility​, convened by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Program in Refugee and Asylum Law (July 20-22, 2016​).

University of Amsterdam: Professor Zieck of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Law School, interviews Professor Hathaway about his contribution to the field of International Refugee Law (June 2015).

Finding Refugee: The right-place, right-time story of how Prof. James Hathaway began his career as one of the world's top refugee law experts (from Law Quadrangle magazine, spring 2012)​​

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