Past Events

January 19, 2015
The Children of Loving v. Virginia: Living at the Intersection of Law and Mixed-Race Identity

December 6, 2014
Legislating and Litigating in the Campaign Against Modern Slavery: Theory Meets practice

December 5, 2014
Contemporary Slavery: Legislating, Litigating, and Organizing to Combat Slavery and Human Trafficking

October 14, 2014
Tracing Atlantic Revolutions: One Family's Itinerary

September 19, 2014
The Highest Tribute: The Michigan Journal of Race & Law at Twenty

June 1-2, 2014
The Law and The Child in Historical Perspective

April 26, 2014
Race, Law & The American State: An interdisciplinary symposium

April 11, 2014
Race, Law & History Fellowship Pro-Seminar

February 24, 2014
CNN Google Plus Hangout: African-American Identity

November 1, 2013
Brazil: History, Human Rights, and Contemporary Slavery

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September 19, 2013
The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks: A Lecture with Professor Jeanne Theoharis

May 12, 2013
Michigan Law Senior Day Address by Former Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar, '81

In his Senior Day address at Michigan Law, Secretary Salazar, '81, recalled with eloquence and insight the struggle for racial justice of which Michigan Law has been a part. Here, we share the text of that speech as well as a link to the video. Thank you to Secretary Salazar for permission to publish his words.

October 15, 2012 - February 18, 2013
Proclaiming Emancipation

March 31, 2012
Revisiting 'The Sexual Economy of American Slavery': A Conversation with Adrienne Davis

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January 16, 2012
Dr. King's Vision for Economic Justice: Focus on Detroit

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October 6, 2011
Slavery Against the Law: Enslavement and Human Trafficking in Historical Perspective, from the Amistad Captives (1839) to Siliadin v. France (2005)

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Professor Christopher McCrudden continues his discussion of Slavery Against the Law on the UK Constitutional Law Group blog

Slavery Against the Law Panel Discussion

April 1-2, 2011
"We Must First Take Account": A Conference on Race, Law, and History in the Americas

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