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2009 Guest Speaker Series and Readings

March 4, 2009

David Berns, Casey Family Programs, Executive Vice President of Child and Family Services: "The Capacity of Foster Children to Participate in Decisions Affecting Their Lives." (To view talk: Click title) For more information on David Berns, go here.


  1. Seen, Heard and Represented, Representing and Engaging Youth and Parents in Court, power point presentation by David Berns
  2. Buss, "You're My What?"; The Problem of Children's Misperceptions of Their Lawyers' Roles
  3. Denver Juvenile Court, Model Court Permanency Questionnaires

February 18, 2009

Katherine Rosenblum, Clinical Developmental Psychologist, Research Scientist, UM Center for Human Growth and Development: "Development Considerations That May Affect Decision-Making for Young Children in the Child Welfare and Judicial Systems." (To view talk: Click title)  For more on Professor Rosenblum, go here.


  1. Larrieu, et al, Predictors of Permanent Loss of Custody for Mothers of Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care
  2. Wulczyn and Hislop, The Placement of Infants in Foster Care

February 11, 2009

Emily Buss, Professor of Law, University of Chicago: "Due Process for Children: Designing A Court Process That Takes Account of Their Development." (To view talk: Click title) For more on Professor Buss, go here.


  1. Buss, Confronting Developmental Barriers to the Empowerment of Child Clients
  2. Buss, The Missed Opportunity in Gault
  3. Buss, Rethinking the Connection Between Developmental Science and Juvenile Justice (Book Review of Scott & Steinberg, Rethinking Juvenile Justice.)

January 28, 2009

Frank Vandervort, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Child Advocacy Law Clinic and currently running the first Juvenile Justice Clinic at UM Law School: "Child Development Issues in Juvenile Justice; Criminal Responsibility, Ability to Direct Counsel, and Participation of Youth." (To view talk: Click title) For more information on Professor Vandervort, go here.


  1. Scott and Steinberg, Adolescent Development and the Regulation of Youth Crime, [go to page 15 in document]
  2. Competency Evaluation, House Bill No. 6525

January 21, 2009

Daniel Keating, Ph.D., Director and Research Professor, University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, Professor of Psychology, College of LS&A; Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases, Medical School: "Brain Development (Neuroscience) Issues Related to Older Children and How That May Impact Their Ability to Participate in Legal Decision-Making." (To view talk: Click title)  For more information on Professor Keating, go here.


  1. Grisso, Juveniles' Competence to Stand Trial: A Comparison of Adolescents' and Adults' Capacities as Trial Defendants
  2. Steinberg and Scott, Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence: Developmental Immaturity, Diminished Responsibility, and the Juvenile Death Penalty

January 14, 2009

First Meeting:  Introductions, Orientation and presentation of Research Topics.


  1. Cunningham, A Question of Capacity: Towards a Comprehensive and Consistent Vision of Children and Their Status Under Law (To view: Right Click the item and select save as)
  2. Bellotti v Baird, 443 U.S. 622
  3. Grisso, Between and Rock and a Soft Spot: Developmental Research and the Child Advocacy Process