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CFA is open to referrals from all parties associated with a child welfare case, from DHS and the assigned foster care or adoption agency, to the LGAL or the parents and their attorneys. Though CFA does require the referral form to be signed by the DHS worker assigned to the case, we will help facilitate this aspect of the referral process.

CFA accepts two types of cases: Prevention/Diversion and Permanency.

Prevention/Diversion Cases:  The Child Protection Services (CPS) must have substantiated the family for abuse or neglect as a Category I, II or III.  In addition, the suggested legal and social work advocacy on behalf of the parent, guardian or caretaker, would prevent the child from being placed in foster care and help the client provide a safe and stable home for the child.

Permanency Cases:  For CFA's Permanency cases, legal and social work advocacy is necessary to overcome a legal impediment, which is preventing a child in foster care from achieving permanency with a birth parent, relative, or foster parent.

If you have a case that meets these criteria, please contact us. You can access the referral forms by clicking below: