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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2010

Louis Kaplow, Harvard Law School
"Toward a Test for Price Fixing: Communication Prohibition Compared"

Yair Listokin, Yale Law School
"Bayesian Contractual Interpretation AND The Meaning of Contractual Silence: A Field Experiment"

Gillian Hadfield, USC Gould School of Law
"Law for a Flat World: Legal Infrastructure and the New Economy"

Justin McCrary, UC Berkeley School of Law
"Dynamic Perspectives on Crime AND The Deterrence Effect of Prison: Dynamic Theory and Evidence" (David Lee, co-author)

Betsey Stevenson, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
"Inequality and Subjective Well-Being" (Justin Wolfers, co-author)

Ian Ayres, Yale Law School
"Evidence from Two Large Field Experiments that Peer Comparison Feedback Can Reduce Residential Energy Usage" (Sofie Raseman and Alice Shih, co-authors)

Mitch Polinsky, Stanford Law School
"The Uneasy Case for Product Liability" (Steve Shavell, co-author)

Bob Cooter, UC Berkeley School of Law
"The Measure of Law and Economics " (Jody Kraus, co-author)