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Law and Economics Workshop

Winter 2008

Kathy Zeiler, Georgetown University Law Center
"The Endowment Effect: implications of Recent Empirical Developments for Legal Theory"

Tom Miles, University of Chicago Law School
"Markets for Stolen Property: Pawnshops and Crime"

Avi (Abraham) Bell, Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law
"Private Takings"

Jonathan Klick, Florida State College of Law
"The Effect of Contract Regulation: The Case of Franchising" (Bruce Kobayashi, co-author)

Albert Choi, University of Virginia School of Law
"Integrating an Agreement to Induce Information Disclosure"

Alicia Davis, Michigan Law
"Are Investors' Gains and Losses from Securities Fraud Equal Over Time? Some Preliminary Evidence"

Robert Daines, Stanford Law School
"Rating the Ratings: How Good are Commercial Governance Ratings?" (Ian Gow and David Larcker, co-authors)

Mark Ramseyer, Harvard Law School
"Talent and Expertise under Universal Health Insurance: The Case of Cosmetic Surgery in Japan"

Michael Heise, Cornell University Law School
"Plaintiphobia in State Courts? An Empirical Study of State Court Trials on Appeal" (Ted Eisenberg, co-author)

Rip Verkerke, University of Virginia School of Law
"Legal Ignorance and Information-Forcing Rules"

Fernando Gomez, University Pompeu Fabra School of Law (Barcelona, Spain)
"Insurance and Tort: Coordination Systems and Imperfect Liability Rules" (Jose Penalva, co-author)