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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2010

Kal Raustiala, UCLA School of Law
"The Privacy Paradox: How Copying Can Be Good for Creativity, Intro and Chapter 3 'Knockoffs and Victims'" (Chris Sprigman, co-author)

Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University JFK School of Government
"Causes of the Financial Crises: Many Responsible Parties AND Overreaction to Fearsome Risks" (Cass Sunstein, co-author)

Paige Skiba, Vanderbilt University School of Law
"Information Asymmetries in Consumer Lending: Evidence from Two Payday Lending Firms" (Will Dobbie, co-author)

Richard Epstein, University of Chicago Law School
"Do Accounting Rules Matter? The Case of Mark to Market" (M. Todd Henderson, co-author)

David Abrams, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"Building Criminal Capital vs Specific Deterrence: The Effect of Incarceration Length on Recidivism"

Bentley McCleod, Columbia Law School
"Accidental Death and the Rule of Joint and Several Liability" (Daniel Carvell and Janet Currie, co-authors)

Geoffrey Miller, NYU School of Law
"The English vs. the American Rule on Attorneys Fees: An Empirical Study of Attorney Fee Clauses in Publicly-Held Companies’ Contracts" (Ted Eisenberg, co-author)

Vivian Ho, Rice University
"Certificate of Need for Cardiac Care" (three separate papers)