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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2005

Lucien Bebchuk, Harvard Law School
"A Political Economy Model of Investor Protection" (Zvika Neeman, co-author)

Jesse Fried, UC Berkeley School of Law
"The Vulnerabiity of Common Shareholders in VC-Backed Firms" (Mira Ganor, co-authro)

Radhakrishman Gopalan, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
"Large Shareholder Trading and Takeovers: The Disciplinary Role of Voting with Your Feet"

Sean J. Griffith, University of Connecticut School of Law
"Uncovering a Gatekeeper: Why the SEC Should Mandate Disclosure of Details Concerning Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance Policies"

James R. Hines, Jr., University of Michigan Ross School of Business
"Value-Added Taxes and International Trade: The Evidence" (Mihir A. Desai, co-author)

Donald Langevoort, Georgetown University Law Center
"Opening the Black Box of 'Corporate Culture' in Law and Economics"

Curtis Milhaupt, Columbia University Law School
"In the Shadow of Delaware? The Rise of Hostile Takeovers in Japan"

Adair Morse, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
"Who Blows the Whistle on Corporate Fraud?" (Alexander Dyck and Luigi Zingales, co-authors)

Mitchell Polinsky, Stanford Law School
"The Optimal Use of Fines and Imprisonment when Wealth is Unobservable"

Adam Pritchard, Michigan Law
"The Screening Effect of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act" (tephen J. Choi and Karen K. Nelson, co-authors)

Steven Shavell, Harvard Law School
"Specific Performance Versus Damages for Breach of Contract: An Economic Analysis"

Samson Vermont, Michigan Law
"The Source of Blackstone's Intuition: Why We Think it Better to Free the Guilty than to Convict the Innocent"