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Law and Economics Workshop

Fall 2004

Oren Bar-Gill, Harvard Law School
"Pricing Legal Options"

John de Figueiredo, MIT Sloan School of Business
"Paying for Politics" (Elizabeth Garrett, co-author)

Elizabeth Garrett, USC Gould School of Law
"The Purposes of Framework Legislation"

Oren Gazel, Haifa University, Faculty of Law
"Screening, Plea Bargains and the Innocent Problem AND Plea Bargains Only for the Guilty" (Oren Bar-Gill, co-author)

G. Mitu Gulati, Georgetown University Law Center
"What Drives Changes in Boilerplate Contracts?" (Stephen J. Choi, co-author)

Henry Hansmann, Yale Law School
"Legal Entities, Asset Partitioning, and the Evolution of Organizations" (Reinier Kraakman and Richard Squire, co-authors)

Keith Hylton, Boston University School of Law
"Church and State: An Economic Analysis" (Yulia Rodionova and Fei Deng, co-authors)

Vikramaditya Khanna, Michigan Law
"Corporate Defendants and the Protections of Criminal Procedure: An Economic Analysis"

Lewis Kornhauser, NYU School of Law
"Decision Rules in a Judicial Hierarchy" (Charles M. Cameron, co-author)

Daryl J. Levinson, NYU School of Law
"Empire-Building Government in Constitutional Law"

Margaret Jane Radin, Stanford Law School
"Regulation by Contract AND Regime Change in Intellectual Property: Superseding the Law of the State with the "Law" of the Firm"

Guhan Subramanian, Harvard Law School
"Post-Siliconix Freeze-Outs: Theory & Evidence"