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Message to 2020 Candidates: Focus on water quality in Great Lakes states

The climate is still a crisis

Michigan joins California in suing feds over bid to roll back mpg rules

These pollution disasters pushed environmental policy forward

BP, partners have spent $71 billion over 10 years on Deepwater Horizon disaster

Citing coronavirus, EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws

Trump’s second war on regulation may tie up EPA in red tape

Trump wants to weaken clean-water rules

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Just ask Scott Pruitt.

Young people are suing the Trump Administration over climate change. She’s their lawyer.

Case alleges chemical companies should prepare for unprecedented storms

Environmental Law & Policy Center, National Wildlife Federation files suit over Michigan oil pipeline

Judge chastises Ohio, US EPAs in lawsuit over Lake Erie's algal bloom-covered western basin

Chevron accused of $2 million witness bribery plot in Ecuador pollution case

Law and Odor: a crime story about orchids, pig smell, refineries, and you

Ex-DOJ Enviro Chief Fears Politics, Budget Will Defang EPA

Votes set on GOP bills targeting 'sue and settle'

Protect drinking water near quarries before there’s a crisis

Undermining the rule of law at the EPA

Carpe diem to keep Asian carp out of Great Lakes

How the environmentalists won by losing the pipeline battle

Under fire, climate scientists unite with lawyers to fight back

In its final days, the Obama administration is cracking down on companies

Volkswagen close to pleading guilty over emissions scandal

Volkswagen agrees to $14.7 billion settlement in emissions cheating scandal

What we saw in the second debate: Vengeance

VW engineer from California pleads guilty to conspiracy in emissions scandal

Tugboat engineers accused of polluting Lake Huron

Volkswagen to pay $14.7 billion to settle diesel claims in US

Michigan attorney general: Companies botched job in Flint water crisis 

In novel tactic on climate change, citizens sue their governments

Can the Flint prosecutions succeed?

Flint water crisis yields first criminal charges

US judge OKs $20B settlement from 2010 BP oil spill

Don't stick taxpayers with coal's costs

Did Flint's contaminated water cause deadly Legionnaires' outbreaks?

The Clean Power Plan gets fresh air

FBI investigating Flint's poisoned water crisis

Volkswagen faces billions of dollars in penalties

Anadarko ordered to pay $159.5 million for 2010 Gulf spill

Two companies indicted in fatal platform explosion

Peabody Energy agrees to greater disclosures of financial risks

Hillary Clinton has a new plan to toughen Wall Street penalties

BP's $20.8-billion oil spill settlement may give it a huge tax deduction

Justice falls short in G.M. case

The feds say they're finally going to go after bad guys on Wall Street

Unlikely Allies

David Uhlmann on the lack of resolve to prosecute corporate crime and the expressive function of the criminal law

Wildlife group to sue USDOT over pipeline rules

Gulf states reach $18.7 billion settlement with BP over 2010 oil spill

Who owns the inland lakes?

A review of the rules when it comes to our interactions with the Great Lakes

Ex-BP executive acquitted of lying about size of 2010 spill

With new EPA water rule, Obama again takes executive action on environment

ELPC's Learner discusses Wis. vote on Enbridge pipeline expansion

Judge's ruling on Gulf oil spill lowers ceiling on the fine BP is facing

BP liability reduced by $4 billion in oil spill ruling: what the media are saying

Five Michigan Law students named Dow Sustainability Fellows

Forty U-M master's and professional students named Dow Sustainability Fellows

DuPont's safety record has slipped in recent years

Blankenship pleads not guilty in West Virginia mine blast case

Blankenship's hands-on management provides target for prosecutors

Ex-Massey CEO scorned over mine disaster as charges filed

Gulf of Mexico Residents Hail Ruling Against BP

Judge: BP's reckless conduct caused Gulf oil spill

Ruling could cost BP $18 billion in fines

Coverage: Halliburton pays $1.1 Billion

Halliburton Commits Crimes and Gets a Fine, among multiple other sources

Judges to review ex-BP workers' charges

Scorecard for a greener Chicago

Wisconsin's quiet transportation revolution

Anadarko tries to avoid liability for Macondo disaster

Howard Learner discusses challenges to expanding transmission for renewable energy sources

Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax would be worse than gasoline tax, says Howard Learner

Howard Learner on solar development in Wisconsin

Prosecution deferred, justice denied

Professor Uhlmann blogs about corporate criminal liability for the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Michigan challenge to EPA greenhouse regulations to be heard by U.S. Supreme Court 

The Erosion of Corporate Criminal Liability

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy delivers keynote address at MLaw's Environmental Law & Public Health Conference

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy holds roundtable discussion with University of Michigan students

Chicago should lead the way in slowing global warming

Surviving the next Gulf oil spill

Americans consider environment in what they buy, survey shows

Bills would obstruct enforcement of environmental laws

Interest in energy law drives new course offerings, student group at MLaw

National Wildlife Federation expands challenge to new invasives rules

Much ado about DPAs (deferred prosecution agreements)

Boston, Texas, and corporate criminal justice

Halliburton seeking settlement over Gulf oil spill

Sprawling BP oil spill trial closes chapter three years after deadly disaster

Sara Gosman guest blogs on

Halliburton seeking settlement over Gulf oil spill

Professor Uhlmann, on the BP civil suit going to trial, in the New York Times

In UPenn's RegBlog: A Proposed Environmental Agenda for Obama's Second Term

Howard Learner comments on on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and her involvement in energy fracking talks

"Both sides have too much to lose by going to trial." - Professor Uhlmann speaking in the Chicago Tribune about BP civil suit

Professor Uhlmann comments in an AP story in The Washington Post on civil and criminal penalties for Transocean in the BP oil spill—and the absence of manslaughter charges against the company

2012 News

Professor Uhlmann explains BP's ban from new federal contracts in the Los Angeles Times

Professor Uhlmann discusses the BP Gulf oil spill settlement on NPR's "Talk of the Nation"

Professor Uhlmann comments on the manslaughter charges related to the Deepwater Horizon explosion in an article in The Wall Street Journal

Careers in environmental law focus of EPA judge's talk

Carbon tax idea gains wonkish energy

U-M launches $9 million effort to strengthen Great Lakes restoration while advancing research and education

Citing climate change, Bloomberg endorses Obama

Will Obama and Romney see climate change in Hurricane Sandy?

The New York Times blog Green posts a Q&A: Back to the Future with Environmental Bipartisanship

Climate change not mentioned once during 2012 presidential debates, as reported in The Huffington Post.

Michigan Erb Institute student Sam Stevenson blogs about John Denniston's recent ELPP lunch talk.

The Justice Department is undermining the Gulf oil spill case, according to Professor Uhlmann.

In a Washington speech to the Environmental Law Institute and the American Law Institute, Professor Uhlmann speaks about the potential for criminal charges related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Professor Uhlmann speaks to the question, "What are the prospects for much-needed environmental action?" in part II of a Q&A with Michael Bobelian, MLaw alum and a contributor to Forbes.

Professor Uhlmann speaks to the question, "Why can't the government address climate change?" in part I of a Q&A with Michael Bobelian, MLaw alum and a contributor to Forbes.

New National Wildlife Federation report written by Sara Gosman and MLaw students says Michigan, Ohio should strengthen laws on fracking

Ex-BP Engineer Mix Says Evidence May Clear Him in Spill Case

Report Finds Pipeline Oversight Wanting

Legal Analysis by the National Wildlife Federation: After the Marshall Spill: Oil Pipelines in the Great Lakes Region (Written by Michigan Law lecturer Sara Gosman with assistance from second-year MLaw students)

Laws Don't Adequately Protect Great Lakes from Pipeline Oil Spills, New Report Finds

Engineer Arrested in BP Oil Spill Case

Deepwater Horizon Aftermath: How Much is a Dolphin Worth?

Experts Weigh BP Spill's Lasting Effects

MLaw Alumni Discuss Careers in Environmental Law

Mine Safety Officials Ditched Safety Citation Fearing Congressional Scrutiny

Massey Miner Boss Charged in Deadly Coal Mine Explosion

BP Oil Spill Litigation Comes to Court

Gulf Oil Spill's 'Trial of the Century' Could End Before it Begins

Judge: BP Contract Shielded Transocean in Spill

BP May Agree to $25 Billion Oil Spill Payout - Analyst

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