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"I have taken classes with three of the Fellows, and I think they are an invaluable resource for all law students at Michigan, not just those who are pursuing public interest careers. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with Faculty Fellows outside of the classroom setting and to learn from their practical experience."

-Fiza, 2L

Public Interest/Public Service
Faculty Fellows


Created in 2005, the Public Interest/Public Service Faculty Fellows program is one component of the Law School's dedication to enhancing students' exposure to and knowledge of the importance of public service legal work. The program attracts experts in areas such as human rights, racial and environmental justice, and government public service. These faculty members, who are experienced practitioners, teach a wide array of courses that engage students in some of the most challenging issues of our day, while providing the practical realities of what it is like to work on a class action, represent the government in a complex environmental or civil rights case, or lobby for legislative reform. Students in their classes may find themselves on a police-ride along, at the FBI shooting range, or in other real life situations that make an invaluable contribution to understanding the cases and materials discussed in the classroom.

In addition to teaching responsibilities, the faculty fellows are available to assist students who are interested in pursuing a summer internship in a government agency or public interest office, or who want to discuss how to build a successful career in public service. They accomplish this through setting up brown bag lunch gatherings to talk to students in small groups, inviting guest speakers to meet with students, and one-on-one conversations. The addition of the PIPS Faculty Fellows allows students access to both individuals and networks that, combined with the work of the Office of Career Planning, make pursuing a career in public service that much easier.






Prof. Alison Hirschel
Alison Hirschel, Elder Law Prof. Michael J. Steinberg
Michael J. Steinberg, ACLU Prof. Mark Van Putten
Mark Van Putten, Environ. Law
Prof. Saul Green
Saul Green, Public Law /Reg. Policy Prof. Judith Levy
Judith Levy, U.S. Attorney's Office  Prof. David Uhlmann
David Uhlmann, ELPP







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