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Judicial Clerkships

Michigan has a strong tradition of sending its graduates to prestigious judicial clerkships in federal and state appellate and trial courts. Our graduates serve as judicial clerks in every circuit in the country. And further, since 1991, Michigan Law has placed 31 graduates in United States Supreme Court Clerkships.

Judicial Clerkships (2012–2014)
On average, clerkships are the first post-graduate job for 15 percent of each graduating class. But the story doesn't end there. Both judges and practicing attorneys are recognizing the value of a clerkship after one or more years of experience. Many Michigan alums have obtained prestigious federal and state court clerkships after working for some time after graduation. In 2014, for example, 66 alums started clerkships after first working at firms, public interest organizations, or for the government. Whether a current student or alum, Michigan offers the counseling, resources, and logistical support required for a successful clerkship search. The list below is a break down by state of the various federal, state, appellate, and trial courts with which our graduates have obtained clerkships in the 2012-2014 terms.

List of 2012-2014 Clerkships by State/City/Judge (PDF)