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This page contains important updates and links for Michigan Law students participating Early Interview Week (EIW) 2017.   If you have additional questions or need information, please stop by during walk-in hours, schedule an appointment with a counselor, email, or call OCP at 734.764.0546.

Report Your Call-Back Invitations

Please report any callback invitations you have received here.  If you have received multiple callback invitations, please click the link to complete the form again after you submit.  Your information will only be available to the Office of Career Planning and will not be shared with any other students or employers in a way that will identify you.

REPORT YOUR 2l summer offers

Please report any 2L summer offers you have received here.  If you have received multiple offers, please click the link to complete the form again after you submit.  Your information will only be available to the Office of Career Planning and will not be shared with any other students or employers that will identify you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get through the construction? All interviews and hospitality suites will occur in the Lawyers Club.  Due to construction, however, there will only be one entrance into the Lawyers Club/ Law Quad located at the northeast corner near South University Ave. and Tappan Ave. Please see the campus map to assist you in navigating your way to the building
  • Do I need to check in when I arrive? No.
  • OCP, where art thou? Counselors will be in rooms C2-435 and C2-450.
  • How do I find out my interview’s name, interview time, or interview room? From the OCI tab in Symplicity, click on "Scheduled Interviews" and the "Interview Date" to see the name of your interviewer. Your interviewer’s name is on the left side of the screen under the title "OCI Interview." The interviewer names under "Schedule Details" on the right side of the screen are other interviewers coming to campus on behalf of the firm.  See page 20 of the EIW Guide 2017 for screen shots.
  • Where do I get lunch? Lunch is not provided, but K&E is open. There is also an abundance of food, coffee, soda (aka pop), cookies, and swag in the hospitality suites.
  • Can I sign-up for more interviews? Yes, you may sign up for interview slots beginning at 7 a.m. on the day of the interview by writing your name into open slots on the schedule posted on the door (3Ls: Only sign up with firms where the interview schedule on the employer’s door indicates they are interviewing 3Ls.)

Remember, to keep things fair for everyone, you must sign up yourself (in person) and can only sign up for interview slot times for which you are free. If you write your name on a schedule and then cross it off, you may be assessed the $50 no-show fee and will need to email the employer to apologize for canceling.  Bring a copy of your transcript and your resume to any interview you sign up for because employers will not have received them beforehand.  

  • Can I drop an interview? Unless an emergency (e.g., you are in the hospital), or other compelling circumstance arises (e.g., you accept a job offer made outside of EIW), you should not need to cancel any interviews after the second drop period on July 27.

Interviews must be canceled by 4 p.m. on Monday, August 7 to avoid a $25 cancellation fine for each interview (donated to support SFF). In the case of an emergency, please notify OCP as soon as possible. If you must cancel an interview due to an emergency, we strongly encourage you to email the employer an apology within 3 business days. “No shows” and same-day cancellations are unacceptable in nearly every instance. This behavior is unprofessional, is a disservice to employers and other students, and reflects poorly on the Law School. Accordingly, you will be charged an additional $50 fee for missing a scheduled interview without notifying OCP before 4 p.m. the day before your interview.


The Office of Career Planning provides a broad range of programs to help students and graduates as they explore career opportunities while also serving employers both nationally and internationally.

OCP encourages and helps guide students to look broadly at all the opportunities a Michigan Law education makes possible. We're here for our students even before they become our students: our emphasis on one-on-one counseling begins during the admissions process and continues long after our students become our alumni.

Students at Michigan Law have always enjoyed a wealth of opportunities, even in a difficult economy. Nonetheless, in response to the most recent economic downturn—from which we are now emerging—we concentrated enormous amounts of institutional attention on expanding the tremendous services we provide to our students. Our most dramatic step was to merge the Office of Public Service and Office of Career Services into a single entity, the Office of Career Planning (OCP), to facilitate students' exploration of opportunities in a variety of practice settings, and to allow us to build and develop all elements of our existing well-rounded programs. The coordinated approach that the reorganization allows reflects the reality of our students' careers, which are more often a melding of multiple opportunities than a strict division between private and public. Our new structure allows us to more effectively help students focus on both long- and short-term goals, and also facilitated the following improvements:

  • the hiring of additional counseling staff, with resulting expanded counseling hours and diversified expertise
  • increased career-planning and networking programming
  • development of post-graduate and summer-funding opportunities that allow individuals to enter into new markets
  • ever-increasing use of our powerful and broad alumni base
  • expanded outreach to new employers outside our traditional network



The reputation and global reach of Michigan Law means that, after you complete your education, there is virtually no limit on where you can go, and the fact that our students come from all over the country and abroad makes for a rich and eclectic educational climate. Click the link below to see which states our students come from, to which states they go after graduation, and the kind of work our graduates do. Attending Michigan Law will allow you to go anywhere geographically, and the Office of Career Planning will help you explore and obtain jobs in a broad range of practice settings, whether in private practice, government, public interest, judicial clerkships, or legal academia.



The Michigan Law Difference

Employment Statistics

Employment data generated by NALP, the Association for Legal Career Professionals, and based on annual information that the Law School reports to NALP. More...


For over seven years, Michigan Law has offered Postgraduate Fellowships to help provide a bridge to full-time, permanent legal employment for our graduates. More...

List of Employers

What kinds of jobs do MLaw grads get upon completing law school? See a complete list of the initial employers for students graduating in the classes of 2010, 2011, and 2012. More...

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Our Counselor Walk-in Hours:
Walk-in counseling is for quick questions, 10 minutes or less in nature, and is subject to change. 

Private Sector - Private Sector Attorney-Counselors:

For the week of August 14th-18th, walk-in hours are 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm daily and also 4pm-6pm on Thursday, August 17th.

Government and Public Interest (Alan Kahn and Melanie Macey):

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:  1:00pm-2:00pm

Judicial Clerkship (Greta Trakul, Judicial Clerkship Advisor):

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  11:00am-12:00pm
Tuesday/Thursday:  2:30pm-3:30pm