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For Michigan Law

Dean's Message

The University of Michigan Law School has been and always will be one of the world's leading institutions of legal education. But as the legal profession changes, training students to think like a lawyer and to be a lawyer requires a combination of traditional and new approaches. We meet the demands of the profession today by providing experiences both in and out of the classroom that produce leaders, problem-solvers, and counselors in the increasingly varied arenas in which our graduates will work.

Our adaptation to change remains grounded in community responsibility. We believe, as our School's first faculty did more than 150 years ago, that law is a profession bearing an obligation of service—an obligation that is magnified by our status as an elite public university. Whether they are working in the public sector or representing large corporations, Michigan Law students and graduates seek to make the world a better place.

We provide this education in a uniquely collegial community that extends far beyond the Law Quad. No matter how many years have passed since graduation, you can still recall professors and classmates who shaped your life. Our challenge today is to continue to make those interactions—and all the opportunities that Michigan Law provides—accessible to past, present, and future students. We also must continue to provide and improve opportunities that enrich our students' education and produce the practice-ready, holistic-thinking lawyers for which our School is known. And we must retain and recruit the best faculty from a broad range of backgrounds to train our students well, and to engage in research that aids their teaching and deepens our understanding of the law.

The Law Quad is the common ground that connects generations of alumni. The Victors for Michigan campaign calls on us to support the people and experiences that bring our Quad to life. This is an exciting era for Michigan Law. We ask you to be part of it.

Mark D. West
Nippon Life Professor of Law

Chair's Message

Why do we give to the Law School? Maybe it's because studying law at Michigan fundamentally impacted the way we think and go about our lives. Maybe it's because we remember and value the friendships we developed with our classmates. Maybe it's because a Michigan degree opened doors to professional opportunities that otherwise would have been unavailable to us. Maybe it's because we are grateful to alumni who came before us and funded the facilities and programs from which we benefited when we were students. Maybe it's because we want today's students—and tomorrow's students—to have the same opportunities we did. Maybe we give because we take pride in the reputation and standing that Michigan represents: the leaders and best.

If we're really lucky, we give to the Law School for all these reasons.

I have had a window into Law School activities for more than 40 years through work with various deans and faculty members, interactions with Michigan students, and volunteer work with dedicated alumni. The Law School continues to be a special place, combining academic excellence with a unique spirit of collegiality and camaraderie. Protecting that legacy is vitally important, and that is why I jumped at the opportunity to chair this campaign.

The Victors for Michigan campaign is a unique chance to carry on the great traditions of this great Law School. People are the priority of this campaign: students and faculty. With this campaign, we strive to make it possible for the best and brightest students to attend our Law School and for our Law School to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty to teach them.

Please join us on this mission.

John M. Nannes, '73

Our Campaign

The Victors for Michigan campaign at the University of Michigan Law School is a comprehensive effort to raise $200 million in support of everything that makes Michigan Law among the world's best.

The Great Recession led to a shift in the legal profession that has touched countless alumni and soon-to-be graduates. In this environment, maintaining the high quality behind Michigan Law's reputation means vigorous competition with other elite schools for a smaller pool of excellent students. Despite our serious and concerted efforts to control costs, providing a world-class education is expensive.

The expense is an investment we must make on behalf of our students and our strength as an institution, and to secure the enduring value of a Michigan Law degree. And yet, as a public university, we must make law school affordable. That affordability depends in part on private support, which comprises nearly 30 percent of our budget. Half a century ago, the Law School received 40 percent of its budget from the State of Michigan; today that figure is less than 2 percent.

A degree from Michigan Law can open doors throughout your career. Investing in Michigan Law is an investment in the strength of your degree, and demonstrates our School's longstanding ethos of serving the public good and each other. Just as you benefited from the support of past generations, the best lawyers of the future will benefit from your gifts now. In turn, those alumni will build further bridges to support future Michigan Law students.

But now is our time—your time—to ensure that the excellence that always has distinguished Michigan-trained lawyers continues for generations to come.

Student Support

Financial aid is a tipping point in the choice of law school and can affect students' abilities to follow their desired career paths.

Program Support

To be fully prepared for practice and for today's competitive job market, students must study the law outside the traditional classroom.

Facilities Support

We must ensure the enduring beauty and functionality of the Law Quad for today's and tomorrow's students.

Faculty Support

Great students want to learn from today's brightest legal minds, and great faculty members want to teach the most promising students.

Law School Fund

The Law School Fund is a pool of expendable resources that impacts every element of life at Michigan Law.


Student Support


Program Support


Facilities Support


Faculty Support


Law School Fund


In the Law Quad and beyond

Our top priority is student support in all forms, so that we may continue to attract the best and brightest, while ensuring that a Michigan education is financially realistic for all students.

Scholarships As law school enrollments decline nationwide, top students are more in demand by top schools than ever before. To remain competitive with our peer schools in attracting these students, we seek your help to strengthen our pool of merit- and need-based scholarships—in terms of both the number of scholarships available and the award amounts. Your support will help ensure that the most qualified applicants will be able to choose Michigan based on fit, rather than attending a second-choice school that offers more scholarship aid. And it will ensure that students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse interests continue to learn together at Michigan.

Summer Fellowship Funding Michigan Law guarantees 2L summer funding for students working in government and nonprofits, but the need for funding assistance continues to grow, as summer job opportunities in the private sector are increasingly scarce. And while Student Funded Fellowships provide support for 1Ls, the demand far exceeds the resources. Since some peer schools guarantee 1L funding, your gift to summer fellowships will work toward a similar goal at Michigan and will allow our students to continue to pursue a wide variety of careers within the legal profession.

Debt Management Nearly 80 percent of Michigan Law students take out educational loans. This speaks to the need for more scholarship assistance, and the level of debt ($117,000, on average) that students incur. The Debt Management Program, also known as the Loan Repayment Assistance Program, is the broadest of its kind in that it is not restricted to alumni with public sector jobs. Your gift to LRAP will help ease the debt burden for Michigan Law graduates, enabling them to pursue their desired career paths, while enhancing the School's across-the-board reputation for excellence.

Experiential learning that creates practice-ready lawyers

Michigan Law excels at creating opportunities for students to practice lawyering skills. Whether they are helping a local student startup incorporate through the Entrepreneurship Clinic or working with refugees in Cambodia through the Program in Refugee and Asylum Law, students bring the classroom to life through experiential learning—and become the practice-ready lawyers today's employers demand. We provide our students with a best-in-class education that costs more than the old law school model. Your support will provide much-needed resources for our popular Clinical Law Program, enhance externship opportunities, and strengthen our Legal Practice Program, an essential part of the Michigan Law experience.

For the enduring beauty and functionality of the Law Quad

The Quad is an enduring symbol of Michigan Law whose beauty is unmatched. However, maintaining the integrity of old buildings, and equipping them with modern updates, creates ongoing need. Your gift in support of our facilities will keep the Quad beautiful yet functional for decades to come.

The best teaching the best

In today's competitive legal education environment, exceptional faculty are in high demand. The changing nature of the legal profession mandates that students acquire a sophisticated knowledge of a broad spectrum of issues, and that they also acquire the skills in law school to prepare them immediately for practice. To effectively accomplish this, our faculty are—and must continue to be—the best. Your gifts in support of faculty will help ensure that we can hire and retain top scholars from a wide variety of fields, and that we can equip them with the resources needed to produce cutting-edge, relevant research and scholarship.

Support for the entire mission

Each of the Law School's priorities during the Victors for Michigan campaign is impacted directly by the Law School Fund. As the School's primary source of discretionary funding, the Law School Fund provides support for core programs, student scholarships, faculty research, clinics, and many significant initiatives, including the Debt Management Program, the Legal Practice Program, Student Funded Fellowships, and In-Home Seminars.

The unrestricted nature of Law School Fund gifts also ensures that the School can respond to challenges and embrace new opportunities quickly and flexibly.

Why We Give to Michigan Law

One of Michigan Law's greatest strengths is the passion and generosity of its alumni and friends.
Read more about what motivates our loyal donors.

Make a Gift

How to Make a Gift

Making a gift to Michigan Law can be as simple as writing a check or contributing online. Or you may require professional assistance from our Development & Alumni Relations staff. Whatever your needs, we are happy to help.

Your gift to the Law School qualifies as a contribution to a non-profit organization since the University of Michigan has 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt status. The University's federal tax ID is 38-6006309.

Outright Gifts

Choose one or more of these methods to benefit the Law School now:

  • Online Credit Card Giving  (Note: You may make online pledge payments to any fund, endowment, or other account at the Law School by noting this designation in the Comments field of Step 3.)
  • Credit card or cash/wire transfer: Please call toll free 888.518.7888 and press option 2
  • Securities: Please call toll free 877.647.9090 or email
  • Check: Please make the check payable to the University of Michigan. If your contribution is a memorial gift, please note on the memo line the name of the person you are honoring or remembering.
  • Gifts in Kind: If you wish to make a gift in kind to the Law School, including the Law Library, contact one of our major gift officers.
  • Matching gifts: Please send your gift along with the matching gift form from your employer; we'll do the rest.  Find out if your company participates in a Matching gift program.

Checks and matching gifts with forms may be mailed to:

University of Michigan Law School
Development & Alumni Relations
701 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-3091

Estate and Planned Gifts

Choose one or more of these giving methods to benefit the Law School for generations to come.

  • Bequest
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Retirement Assets Options
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Donor Pooled Income Fund
  • Charitable Lead Trust

Legacy or "planned" gifts help to ensure the excellence of U-M for generations to come. Please visit the gift planning section of this website to find the most effective way to remember Michigan in your own plans.

  • Types of planned gifts: Information about gifts of assets, gifts by will, gifts that pay you income, charitable lead trust, and gifts of retirement-plan benefits
  • Estate Planning: This feature will help you decide which type of gift is most appropriate given your life situation.

Use of Your Gift

If you do not specify a purpose: Michigan Law will designate your gift for the Law School Fund, which supports all facets of the School's mission.

If you wish to designate your gift for a specific purpose: We encourage you to talk with a member of our Development & Alumni Relations Staff, to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Tax Benefits

Your gift may provide you with federal and state income tax benefits:

  • If you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return, you may be able to deduct your contribution to the Law School from your adjusted gross income. In addition, gifts of appreciated property avoid long term capital gains tax. Check with your tax advisor for deduction and capital gains tax requirements and limitations for your situation.
  • Your state may also allow a credit or deduction.


You can contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Michigan Law School at:

Development and Alumni Relations
University of Michigan Law School
701 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3091
Telephone: 734.615.4500, Fax: 734.615.4539

Assistant Dean

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Annual Giving

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