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March 2011

March 30, 2011

Construction keeps moving…

One construction item…On Friday, April 1, we're beginning construction on new single-user, gender-neutral restrooms that will be just outside Aikens Commons. That means that the Reading Room and the Tea Room will be noisy for a good part of the day.

And the beat goes on…

Well, it's that time of year again…Hash Bash, I mean the Monroe Street Fair is upon us. If you've ever been to People's Park in Berkeley, you'll feel right at home. But in order to keep from extending the party into the building, we will be locking the doors to the exterior of both Legal Research and Hutchins Hall from 10am to 8pm on Saturday, April 2. Access to the buildings will be limited to the State Street entrance to Hutchins and the Law Quad entrance to the Reading Room. Security guards will be posted outside those entrances and will check for Law School identification. If you wish to enter, please remember to bring your MCard. The guards will open the Quad entrance to Hutchins if disabled access is needed. If you have an outside door key, it will still work, but please make sure that the door secures behind you.

Peace and Love…
Michele Frasier Wing
—Michele Frasier Wing, '98, Director of Finance and Planning



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