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March 2010

 March 24, 2010

There is nothing like early spring in Michigan after a gloomy winter—a little sunshine, a little rain, a little snow... with better weather and progress on the project, we have more workers on site and are making significant headway.

This weekend (March 26-27), the new bridge connecting Legal Research and Hutchins Hall will arrive on site and be lifted into place. Originally, the construction team considered lifting it in one piece, but to do so would require shutting down the portions of the buildings over which it would be swung. Also, "frost laws" (did you know Michigan has frost laws?) dictate how heavy a truck load can be during the spring, when the ground is thawing; in order to lift the bridge in one piece, we would have had to bring in a heavier crane before March, when those laws go into effect.

The bridge will now be lifted in two large pieces that will be welded together. There should be little disruption to function in the building. We’ll be photographing the process and turning the photos into a time lapse video that we will post. Here's a rendering of the new bridge:

Please note the following other activities this week:

  • The contractors will be putting up scaffolding in the hallway on the third floor of Hutchins at the new bridge entrance to work on pipes and wiring that go to the bridge. Please be careful as you travel through that section of the building on your way to Legal Research.
  • Ceiling work throughout Hutchins and Legal Research will begin this week. The contractors are scheduled to do much of the work after 7p.m., but some will be done earlier in the day (after 3p.m.). Much of this work is in hallways, so please be aware of ladders and people doing work overhead. Some of the work involves areas where asbestos will be abated; those areas will be handled in the evenings after 8p.m. As always, our asbestos abatement is done to OSEH standards with monitoring (please see the Construction Update dated February 16, 2010, for more information).

We wanted everyone to have a little extra notice that next Saturday, April 3, the Law School will be closed to all but law students, staff, and faculty. That day is the Hash Bash, I mean, the Monroe Street Fair, which has, depending on the weather, brought hundreds of people to our doorstep. It is also the day that we have a complete water shutdown in Hutchins Hall, so no bathrooms in Hutchins will be available. Next week’s update will include more detail about which doors will be unlocked, but you will need to show your ID in order to gain entry.

Finally, an interesting fact about the construction—thus far, the project team’s construction waste management process has recycled or reused the equivalent weight of twenty-seven Boeing 747 Aircrafts!

Michele Frasier Wing 

—Michele Frasier Wing, Director of Finance and Planning


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