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June 2010

June 30, 2010

Have you looked up lately? If not, take one of these beautiful afternoons to stroll down Monroe, eyes up, and see what has been happening. The old aluminum eyesore of a bridge is gone! And as Dan Montalvo said to me the day afterward, the building looks like it can breathe now! Look across the street, too—the steel work has progressed quickly, and workers have begun pouring concrete slabs on the lower floor levels. It won’t be long before they start the exterior stone.

As for the new bridge, we have scheduled inspections, as you will see below, and it will soon be ready for use. We will keep you updated on its official opening. In addition to inspections, there are a few other things going on:

On Thursday, July 1, at 7am, there will be a ring test of the fire alarms for the bridge, which may impact Legal Research. It should last no longer than 15 minutes and there is no need to evacuate. At 7am the emergency lighting will also be tested, so the majority of light fixtures, first in Hutchins and then in Legal Research, will be turned off for approximately 10 minutes. No other electricity will be affected.

Beginning around 7:30am on Friday, July 2, the ceiling in the kitchen of the faculty lounge will be painted, so the kitchen will be closed for approximately 2 hours. Please use the Tea Room for your morning cup of coffee.

Beginning on Friday, July 2, and continuing for about two weeks, electricians will be back in the 9th and 4th floor offices, working to place fire alarm devices in the ceiling boxes recently installed. They will begin at 5:30pm.

The lobby on the 9th floor of Legal Research is about to undergo significant changes. Because that lobby is part of the fire exit pathway from the 9th floor, all the equipment and the wood enclosure will be removed and new fire doors will be constructed near the elevators. Starting the week of July 6, we will move the equipment into its new home in 951 Legal Research. Shortly thereafter, demolition will start on the wood enclosure, carpet, etc. We expect 951 to be accessible by Thursday, July 8, and the lobby to be completed by the end of the summer. For the two days the copiers are unavailable on the 9th floor, please use the copiers on the 3rd floor of Hutchins.

The locker room will be reopened after July 12. Students may claim a new locker after the re-opening, but must register it in the Registrar’s office, per our normal procedure.

Have a safe and restful July 4th weekend!

Michele Frasier Wing 

—Michele Frasier Wing, Director of Finance and Planning


June 11, 2010

What a perfect day for a fire drill! Thanks to everyone for your cooperation—we need to do these on a regular basis, and Lois managed to schedule it for an absolutely glorious morning. To our summer starters, welcome to our grand undertaking! We will mark a couple of milestones this summer, so you’ve arrived just in time. A few important updates (and an interesting fact if you read to the end!):

For the next two Fridays (June 11 and June 18), the ramp in the basement of Hutchins (leading from the locker area to where the student offices are located) will be blocked for painting, and no through traffic will be permitted. You’ll need to take the stairs or go outside and around.

Also on Friday, June 11, the stairs near the Tea Room will be closed from the third floor down to the first floor, for work in the first-floor elevator lobby. Elevators will still be accessible, but there will be a detour through the glass doors near the Law Library.

There will be a complete water shutdown in Hutchins Hall on Sunday, June 13, from 7am to 3pm. Please use restrooms in Legal Research during that time.

Nighttime fire alarm installation will begin on Monday, June 14. As we indicated earlier, there should be no impact on offices, and furniture need not be moved. Please refer to the construction update dated May 21, 2010, for additional information. If you find an excess of dust or debris in your space, please let us know so that we can arrange for additional cleaning.

Now that we’ve closed the old bridge, it is scheduled to be removed the weekend of June 19. And that will be quite a milestone. If you haven’t had a chance yet to see progress on the new bridge, take a look out of one of the windows in the stairwell on the State Street side of Hutchins–quite an improvement over the old bridge. The new bridge is still slated to be opened right after the July 4 weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with the Fire Marshal inspection.

So now the interesting fact: the new academic building contains just under 3,000 pieces of steel!

 Michele Frasier Wing

—Michele Frasier Wing, Director of Finance and Planning



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