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February 2011

February 21, 2011

There will be fire alarm testing in the underground library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday—March 1, 2, and 3—from 6:00am to 8:00am.

February 21, 2011

We have a number of important announcements about shutdowns, closures, construction noise, etc. below, but I promise if you stick it out and read to the bottom, you will be rewarded!

Closures and shutdowns in chronological order:

The 9th floor/bridge elevator will be shut down from 7am to 11am on Friday, February 25, in preparation for an electrical shutdown (see below). The stairs will still be accessible. If you need to get to the 9th floor by elevator, you will need to use the stacks elevators during that short time frame.

After numerous attempts to clean up and make acceptable the finish on the cinder block of the 9th floor/bridge elevator tower, we have conceded defeat. We are now just plastering it over, but that requires us to close the stairwell and the elevator during spring break. The whole area will be out of service from Saturday, February 26, through Sunday, March 6.

This is the big one: On Sunday, February 27, from 7am to 1pm, Legal Research and Hutchins Hall will be closed for electrical work. The fire marshal has determined that we cannot occupy the buildings during this time. The Smith Library will still be open, but you will only be able to get to it through the Monroe Street entrance. Once the electrical work is completed, all entrances to the buildings will be opened. So sleep in and enjoy the beginning of spring break—you can come back in the afternoon.

In general, we are taking advantage of spring break to do a lot of noisy and disruptive work in both Hutchins and Legal Research, so you should be aware that you will see many more contractors in and around the buildings during the week.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

As many of you are now painfully aware (particularly those of you in the ABCD section of Professor Exum's and MNOP section of Professor Starr's Crim classes), Room 250 Hutchins Hall was re-opened for the Winter 2011 semester. We really thought that we were going to be in the clear to open this desperately needed large classroom; however, there is still significant construction going on in the space that will be the new cafeteria as well as in Aikens Commons, immediately below and to the north of 250 HH. As a result, there will still be times when there is significant noise in 250 HH. Our amazingly accommodating contractors have been given the classroom and event schedules for the room and will be doing the noisiest work between classes and events, i.e., during times when 250 HH is vacant. For those community members who will be using 250 HH, please understand that there will at times be a noticeable (but hopefully nondisruptive) level of construction noise. We thank you in advance for bearing with us.

Now the reward…

Work in Aikens Commons and South Hall has been rapidly progressing behind the walls. There is paint on the walls, there are lights in the ceilings, and built-in furnishings are starting to go in (cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, internal windows, etc.). There are beautiful pictures of the progress on the website multimedia page. Note the gorgeous ceiling in the lounge, the views from inside the Commons, and the beautiful windows in the new classrooms. Though you can't see it from across the street, we are making enormous progress toward completion

Hope you have a wonderful break!

Michele Frasier Wing 

—Michele Frasier Wing, '98, Director of Finance and Planning


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