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Nannes 3L Challenge

Through the Nannes 3L Challenge, students have the wonderful opportunity to learn how philanthropy impacts their campus experience. Students can support their student organizations and programs while they are still in school, and they help provide invaluable resources to the Law School in the future. The Nannes 3L Challenge encourages students to give back to the Law School by educating them on the importance of alumni support. 

For all 3Ls who commit to supporting the Law School Fund annually for the first four years after graduation, alumnus John Nannes, '73, will contribute $250 to the Law School student organization(s) of the students' choice. Organizations receive the funding this year, allowing students to see the immediate impact of their commitment to the Law School.

The Class of 2019 had a successful year leading the Nannes 3L Challenge. In Fall of 2018, 233 3Ls joined the Challenge by committing to give back to the Law School during the first four years after graduation. 69 student organizations received a total of $59,500 in Nannes funds. Thank you, John and Class of 2019!

Student organizations use this funding to bring in special speakers, host events, launch new programs, plan charity events, facilitate training sessions, and countless other activities. Most importantly, the Nannes 3L Challenge provides funding so students have opportunities to bond with their peers, engage with the community, and further their education outside of the classroom.

2018 Nannes Fund Numbers

Top 20 Nannes Supported Student Orgs

What is the Nannes 3L Challenge?

For every student who signs up for the 3L Challenge, John Nannes, ’73, makes an immediate contribution of $250 to that student’s choice of student organization(s). In exchange for this gift to the student organization(s), the student commits to making a gift to the Law School Fund every year for the first four years following graduation.
The overarching objective of this challenge is to share with students the importance and impact of philanthropy on campus. Alumni give back generously so current and future students can have a great experience while on campus. This Challenge encourages students to think about paying it forward through their time and financial support as they graduate and become a member of our alumni community. The funding from John Nannes is a crucial part of many student organizations’ budgets; it allows students to plan activities in their extracurricular groups that they otherwise could not afford. 

Why is giving to the Law School Fund important?

  • The Law School currently receives less than 4% of its budget from the state (in 1953, the state provided 40.9% of the Law School’s budget).  Tuition revenue alone is not enough to cover the remaining expenses.
  • The Law School Fund supports the debt management program and provides need-based financial aid for current students.
  • Alumni participation improves the school’s ability to leverage major gifts from individuals who are paying attention to what Michigan Law alumni are doing.
  • Alumni participation bolsters the school’s ability to secure grants from national foundations and corporations.
  • Currently, our educational programs rank at the top but our alumni participation in annual giving lags significantly behind our peers. 

Do I have to give a $250 gift after graduation?

No, the idea is to educate students on the importance of annual giving with an emphasis on the four-year giving commitment, not on the total dollar amount. We encourage you to match John Nannes' $250 gift over the four years, but this is not required. We only ask that you give an amount that is affordable and meaningful to you.

When and how do I begin making gifts post-graduation?

A student pays nothing when they commit to the Nannes 3L Challenge but he/she does agree to make a gift every year for the first four years after graduation. The Law School Development Office will send you reminders and updates from current Nannes 3L Challenge participants. You will be able to make your gift online or complete the response form included in the direct mail reminder. 

Gifts will be placed in the Law School Fund, the annual fund of the University of Michigan Law School.  This program supports the following initiatives:
  • Student scholarships
  • Summer Fellowship Funding
  • Debt Management Program
  • Clinics


Make your gift online
Or mail to:
University of Michigan Law School
Development & Alumni Relations
701 S. State Street, 4th Floor
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
If you have any questions, please call 734-615-4500 or 


Dates: October 1 - October 12, 2018
Submit the challenge online or complete a challenge form.
Be sure to review the list of Student Organizations that you may direct the Nannes 3L Challenge match to.