Nannes Third-Year Challenge Impact

The third-year challenge provides students with an opportunity to begin giving back to the Law School, to gain experience in philanthropy before leaving campus, and to see the direct impact of their donation on campus life.  While the format of the Nannes Challenge has evolved over the years, the goal has remained the same:  encourage students to give back to the Law School now and in the future, by educating them on the importance of alumni support. 

The 2012 challenge that ended October 12th, 2012 was one of the most successful yet, with 211 3Ls pledging to give back a record total of $51,165 dollars to the Law School during the first four years after graduation. The students were able to designate $250 dollars of John Nannes’ gift to the organization of their choice; 67 student organizations received a total of $52,750 dollars this year in Nannes funds.  Thank you, John and Class of 2013!

It is important for alumni to stay connected to Michigan Law in general to ensure that it remains an incredible place for law students.  Regular donations help recruit top professors and students.  They also provide wonderful opportunities for current members of the Michigan Law community, from educational programs to funding for student groups, which ensure a rewarding Michigan experience.

Kyle Aarons
The Environmental Law Society

I think that we have a responsibility as citizens to give back.  Returning some of the great benefits I have received from the University of Michigan through GSI funding and scholarship is something that will be consciously on my mind for years to come.  My education and group leadership position would have been much more stressful without the support of Michigan Law and generous alumni like Mr. Nannes.

Brenna Kelly
Michigan Health Law Organization

I participated in the Nannes Challenge because I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to attend Michigan Law.  I want to start a tradition of giving to the school and want to think that I can continue to contribute to the amazing vibrancy of Michigan Law even after I graduate.  I cherish the Law School community, and I want to show it and support it for the rest of my life.

Emily Mimnaugh
Catholic Law Students Association


Alumni are the ties between past and future generations of Wolverines.  They know where the school came from and have the resources and desire to develop its future.

Leah Bueso
The Latino Law Students Association

An active alumni base is one reason Michigan Law is an elite law school.  Each student who graduates with a Michigan Law degree should remember this and help ensure the Michigan degree remains a meaningful degree.

Jaclyn Podor
FSAP:  The Food Stamp Advocacy Project

So many students, such as myself, agree wholeheartedly with the mission of the Nannes Challenge.  Our experience at Michigan Law has been enriched immeasurably.  As such, we have an obligation to ensure that future generations can get as much, if not more, out of Law School as we have.  I admire and appreciate how innovative the Nannes Challenge is for inspiring students.

Stephanie Yoshida
Classical Music Society

The Federalist Society had big plans for what it wanted to accomplish this year, but knew that we were going to need extra money to pull it off.  So the Board made a big push with our 3Ls to participate in the Nannes Challenge, and it really paid off; we were one of the top-earners this year with $1,700!  We used that money to bring over 20 students to the Federalist Society Student Symposium in Charlottesville, VA in February.

Jon Markman
Federalist Society

The Nannes Challenge is not just a fundraising drive.  It builds 3L class awareness of how important the Law School Fund has been to our education at the University of Michigan Law School while allowing us to directly say thank you and support the law school organizations, initiatives, and other programs that we have benefited from during our time here in Ann Arbor.  The Nannes Challenge demonstrates how our little contributions, in aggregate, can make a big difference to the continued vitality of our school as both an institution and a community.

Aliza Cohen
2010 Nannes Challenge Board

From our perspective, alumni who give back to Michigan Law are working to keep our students informed (and hopefully passionate) about various national legal issues, and to connect them with individuals who can help them succeed as young attorneys.

Alex Fumelli
American Constitution Society


I participated in the Nannes Challenge because getting involved in student organizations at Michigan Law has been such an integral part of my experience as a law student here.  I think it's important to give back to Michigan Law because we learn through our environment and Michgian has done an incredible job of making our law school experiences diverse, challenging and surprisingly fun!  My classmates and professors have made me a more informed and engaged student and I hope to take that with me when I start practicing next year.  I want to give back to Michigan so that future students can have the same experience I have had in my past three years here.

Nika Berte Hasegawa
2010 Nannes Challenge Board

I wanted to contribute to the success of the Nannes Challenge because it's such an exceptional way to support the continuation of the breadth and quality of student groups, extracurricular opportunities, and support programs at the Law School, in addition to the amazing professors and beautiful buildings, that made my own time at Michigan Law so meaningful, productive, and enjoyable.  None of these come free, however, so it's important for alumni to support the continuation of the opportunities that made their own time at the Law School so productive and meaningful.  Moreover, donations help keep alumni in touch with the Law School and, in turn, connected to their fellow alumni over the years.

Matthew Edwin Miller
2010 Nannes Challenge Board


To me, Nannes means giving back to the school and to future generations of students.  I think it's going to be really difficult these next few years to get recent alumni to donate, because I feel like the class years that were most hurt by the economy were mine and the three or four years before us.

Grace Wang
2010 Nannes Challenge Committee


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