Nannes Third-Year Challenge

How the Challenge Works

The third-year challenge provides students with an opportunity to begin giving back to the Law School, to gain experience in philanthropy before leaving campus, and to see the direct impact of their gift on campus life. While the format of the Nannes challenge has evolved over the years, the goal has remained the same: encourage students to give back to the Law School now and in the future, by educating them on the importance of alumni support. 

For the first 200 3Ls and graduate students who pledge to support the Law School Fund annually for the first four years after graduation, alumnus John Nannes, '73, will contribute $250 to the Law School student organization(s) of the students' choice.  Organizations receive the funding this year, allowing students to see the immediate impact of their pledges on the Law School. This has proved to forge a powerful connection between the idea of giving back and the ability to make an important difference in the life of the Law School community through philanthropy.


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