Alumni Assistance Survey

Thank you for participating in the UMLS Alumni Assistance Survey.   Please answer the following questions, which should take no more than 3 minutes.  

First Name:
Last Name:
Month/Year Law School Graduation:
E-mail Address:
Job Title:
Employer Name:
Employer Address:
Work Phone Number:
Number of Attorneys at your employer:
UMLS Degree:
Undergraduate Institution:
Education Background: Other
Participation Information
Mock Interviews in Market:I would like to participate in mock interviewing student(s) in my city over the summer to help students develop their interview skills. 
Mock Interview Program:I would like to participate in mock interviewing student(s) on/near campus to help students develop their interview skills
Career Panels:I would be happy to participate in a future career panel or job talk at the Law School
Career Path and Legal Market:I would be happy to talk with a student about my career path and  the legal market in my city.
Job Opportunity Available:

Resume Request/Collection Form

Employers interested in posting a job opportunity for current law students or alumni may send their position announcements to our office by e-mail (, fax (734.764.5228), or mail. We post student opportunities in our office and online. Alumni opportunities are posted online and are distributed via our Job Bulletin, which is published biweekly. Employers who are interested in soliciting student resumes but are not able to recruit in person can complete our Resume Request/Collection Form (see link on left) and return it by mail, e-mail or fax to our office, or call our office at 734-764-0546.

I have a summer internship or post-graduate opportunity to post.
Employer Contact:I would be willing to serve as a contact for my employer to be listed in a job posting OR to be contacted to come to campus to recruit students.
Hiring Needs:My organization routinely hires, OR would be open to hiring, a law student for the summer (even on a part-time basis).
Please feel free to add any additional comments/suggestions/information.
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